Abbott receives SDEA endorsement

Abbott receives SDEA endorsement A candidate with both passion and priority for education. A candidate with high expectations for our educational system � and the willingness to reach, or exceed, those expectations. A candidate with a comprehensive vision of how the right kind of economic development can help build a better educational future. A candidate who believes in the pioneer spirit of the citizens of South Dakota.

Those are a few of the attributes the South Dakota Education Association was looking for during personal interviews with each of the six candidates for governor.

"We found those attributes in Jim Abbott," said Elaine Roberts, SDEA president. "We also found a candidate with great respect for educators � respect for the work they do every day with students and respect for their working rights. That's why the SDEA is proud to recommend Jim Abbott as our candidate of choice for governor of South Dakota."

Abbott's vision for the future is just what South Dakota needs, Roberts said. "He has a plan which links economic development in South Dakota directly with education � a plan that includes high-level, professional jobs with family-wage salaries," she said.

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