Between the Lines

Between the Lines by David Lias Move 48 tons, and what do you get?

In Vermillion�s case, you get a much neater community.

Last Saturday�s Operation Pride, by all accounts, was a great success.

This was the third time this community clean-up event has been held in the city. And every year, those who plan Operation Pride, and the workers who donate their vehicles, their trailers, their dumpsters and their muscle-power learn a bit more about how to collect large volumes of junk and trash in a short amount of time.

The statistics about the amount of stuff collected is a bit amazing. Nearly 50 tons of junk � nearly 100,000 pounds of refuse that�s been piled in garages, basements, backyards, and attics � is where it belongs, the landfill.

On top of that, Operation Pride covered only a portion of the city. There�s a part of Vermillion that hasn�t had this spring-time ritual offered to them yet.

The success of Operation Pride, we believe, justifies further involvement by all Vermillion citizens in ensuring that this activity continues.

For the past three years, a large financial contributor to the operation has been Wells Fargo Bank. But right at the very beginning, the bank made it known it could only make a three year monetary commitment to Operation Pride.

Phyllis Packard, director of the city�s solid waste/recycling center, is on the hunt right now, hoping to receive yet another financial commitment from a local business who takes civic pride seriously.

The positive results of Operation Pride have proven that it is an activity that shouldn�t be subject to the whims of uncertain funding year after year.

We believe it is time for city fathers to pencil in a line item on Vermillion�s annual budget.

We�re confident that volunteers will still come out in force to help improve the community�s esthetics.

They shouldn�t have to continually worry about how to fund this needed, annual improvement to Vermillion.

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