Central Ward/Christopherson

Central Ward/Christopherson Name: Dan Christopherson

Education: Vermillion High School, University of South Dakota, U.S. Army Electronics Missile Repair School, University of Colorado at Boulder, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Management graduate.

Occupation: Owner of Nook 'n Cranny and Never Never Land retail businesses; also own and manage 13 rental properties in Vermillion.

How long have you lived in Vermillion?

Lifetime resident except for military service, schooling, and one year in Austin, MN.

Why are you interested in serving on the Vermillion City Council?

I have long believed that we each have a responsibility to give back to our community in the form of public service. I am a good communicator and negotiator, but most importantly, a good listener. Citizen input will be my number one priority on all issues. Government should be responsive to the needs and wishes of the people. I will devote the time, energy and necessary research to make informed and intelligent decisions. I want to represent the people and take my turn at community service.

Please list what you believe should be short term and long term goals of Vermillion city government.

First and foremost, city government should get citizen input up front on all issues before a decision is made. ALL decisions of the council should be referrable by the voters if the people want to bring the issue to a public vote.

I would like to see a softer, gentler attitude from city government and staff. I believe we should search for ways to say 'yes' to accommodate the needs of the taxpayer consumer, rather than ways to say no. We need to remember that our constituents are the customer, and without the customer, there would be no city employment or positions on the council. This goes for USD students also, who are customers of our largest industry, and customers for many goods and services within Vermillion. I think there is room for improvement in how we treat these students.

I believe that city government has a great opportunity to help with instilling a sense of pride in the residents of Vermillion, starting at very young ages with children during their most formative years. Over time, a customer oriented attitude and sense of pride coming from the top down within city government will help greatly in reclaiming our community from

the proliferation of litter and vandalism we now see.

The next logical good happening might be that property owners and residents would catch the same feeling of pride and take better care of their own surroundings. If visitors are passing through they may see and feel this same pride and think this may be a good place to relocate. New residents

would expand our tax base and even out the tax burden on current residents. We may even need more retail and service businesses to handle increased

growth. The city could sell more utilities and may need to hire more employees ? this good stuff could go on and on!

I would certainly appreciate the support of the Central Ward voters on Tuesday, April 9.

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