Large groups win big at contest

Large groups win big at contest April 10 was a great day for the Vermillion High School Department of Music. For the second straight year, the three VHS entries, women's chorus, Concert Choir and Symphonic Winds, received Division I (Superior) ratings at the 2002 SDHSAA Region I Large Group Contest held in Freeman.

A Division I is the highest rating that an ensemble can receive at the contest. This is the third Division I rating since 1996 for the concert choir, the 11th straight Division I rating for the VHS Symphonic Winds and only the second appearance for the women's chorus. Women's chorus performed Set Me As A Seal by Victor C. Johnson and Psalm 100 arranged by Ren� Clausen. Concert choir's selections were Gloria Deo! by Mary Lynn Lightfoot and Witness arranged by Jack Halloran. The Symphonic Winds programmed Grand Opening Fanfare by David W. Moore, The Fairest of the Fair by John Philip Sousa, and Dedicatory Overture by Clifton Williams. Director of choral activities is Kristin Iverson and director of bands is John Alpers.

Earlier this spring, March 5, Vermillion High School hosted the SDHSAA Region I Instrumental Solo-Ensemble Contest. Of their 44 entries, Vermillion band members received 34 Division I ratings and 10 Division II ratings including four Division I+ ratings by Catherine Odson, oboe solo; Jenna Willians, oboe solo; Ben Williams, alto saxophone solo; and Jon Hoadley, marimba solo.

Soloists receiving Division I ratings were: Amanda Aga, flute; Sarah Anderson, flute; Victoria Collins, flute; Deanna Russell, flute; Jessica Leffers, clarinet; Molly Beeman, bass clarinet; Kayla Nelson, tenor saxophone; Ben McBride, trumpet; Jon Hoadley, timpani, snare drum, vibraphone, viola; Lindsey Isaacson, snare drum.

Ensembles receiving Division I ratings were: flute quartet, flute/clarinet duet, clarinet choir, clarinet duet, clarinet trio, clarinet quartet, oboe duet, saxophone choir, saxophone quartet, woodwind trio, woodwind quintet, trumpet choir, trumpet quartet, trombone quartet, brass quintet and percussion ensemble.

Soloists receiving Division II ratings were: Zach Holoch, trumpet, and Lisa Doohen, marimba.

Ensembles receiving Division I ratings were: trumpet trio, flute choir, flute duet, horn duet, saxophone trio, clarinet duet 2, clarinet duet 3, and tuba ensemble.

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