Letters A job well done

To the editor:

I would like to publicly thank the Vermillion City Street Department for an excellent job of rebuilding a taxi-way at the Vermillion Airport that I must use to get my plane from its hangar to the runway.

As citizens we often complain when our civil servants do not meet our approval. In this case I would like to thank them for a job well done.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Grossman


Thanks for successful MDA lock-up

To the editor:

All of "Jerry's Kids" in the area join me in expressing thanks for a successful MDA Lock-Up at the Coyote Student Center on the USD campus on March 26.

The event was fun for more than 13 local jailbirds who generously volunteered to serve time for MDA. Everyone worked hard, calling friends and business associates to raise over $2,850 in charitable contributions to benefit the local program of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We especially want to thank the CSC at USD, including reservationist Judy Robinson and Margie Lam at Aramark, who sponsored the event. CellularOne provided cell phones to jailbirds who hadn't earned their "bail money" upon arrival to jail.

Thanks to the community leaders, teachers, business owners, and others who made the MDA Lock-Up an outstanding success! Area families will continue to receive comprehensive medical services from the MDA clinic at Neurology Associates in Sioux Falls. They will also benefit from MDA support groups and summer camp. Equally important, this lock-up and other MDA events represent real hope by helping MDA annually fund more than 400 scientific teams seeking treatments and cures for neuromuscular diseases, including research at the University of Iowa.


Jennifer Woodward

Program coordinator

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Sioux Falls

Referees did great job at Willie Mac

To the editor:

The last weekend I attended the Willie Mac basketball tournament held in the Dakota Dome and Vermillion High School. With hundreds of players, coaches, parents and fans all wanting their teams to win, it got a little hectic at times. And in the middle of it all were the referees.

From teenagers to silver-haired adults, some of these guys refereed all day and night long doing back-to-back games. You guys did a great job and need to be commended. Good job.

Scott White


P.S. That ole boy on center court of the dome ? you're impressive. I got tired just watching ya.

Think before you act ? or write

To the editor:

I have just finished reading Mr. Bill O'Connor's editorial "Who's paying the bills?" in the April 19 edition of the Plain Talk. I am puzzled as to why Mr. O'Connor staunchly asserts his simple opinion that President Bush's visit to South Dakota is "100 percent political in nature" referring to Mr. Bush's support of John Thune for Congress. Mr. O'Connor is crying about the federal government paying for the trip using his tax dollars. I have to wonder then, if Mr. O'Connor was equally outraged when then-President Clinton visited South Dakota on multiple occasions, and of course support Tom Daschle? Perhaps Mr. O'Connor missed that news. Unless I am wrong, President Clinton's trip was paid for by whom ? Oh yes! Federal taxpayers!

Mr. O'Connor asks if the president's time and energy would be better spent working on the conflicts in the Middle East. I doubt the Secret Service is going to let him fly a fighter jet, so it behooves me how he is anymore effective in Washington than he is in South Dakota. After all, he is president of all 50 United States.

I wonder why President Bush is going to Madison to show his support of an enormous new ethanol plant. Am I to believe that ethanol is important exclusively to John Thune? I am if I listen to Mr. O'Connor. He said so himself last week. To quote Mr. O'Connor, "the president is coming here for one purpose: to campaign for John Thune ?"

Will the president do some campaigning for John Thune while he is here? You bet he will. Just as every president does, and has the right to do. Does he have an ulterior motive to campaigning for John Thune? Absolutely, he needs to gain at least two seats in the Senate to have the support for his vision of America, just as Clinton had his, Roosevelt had his, Reagan had his, etc.

Is there anything wrong with this? No, absolutely not. Perhaps what is wrong is people who write into newspapers to tout propaganda and slur campaigns against political leaders, rather than establishing facts and providing meaningful information to people who read that particular newspaper. I can find many reasons to support Tim Johnson, and I am a conservative. Why can't the Bill O'Connors of the world build positive support for leaders, rather than starting rumors and negative campaigns with petty, childish, and entirely unfounded gossip?

For some reason, Mr. O'Connor, you were compelled to make your views public in print. Why, I have no idea. Next time, do a little reading, and try to be objective, it will serve you well.


Brian P. Kellar


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