Mayor/Jeck Name: Roger Jeck

Education: Graduate of USD with BS in political science and philosophy.

Occupation: Builder, specializing in renovation of older properties ( fixer uppers).

How long have you lived in Vermillion?

Vermillion resident for 13 years.

Why are you interested in serving as Vermillion's mayor?

Interested in mayor position for the following reasons:

General interest in politics;

Specific interest in Chestnut Street project and city hall issue;

There was no opposition to current mayor � offer other option to voters;

Give back to community by being involved in local government.

Please list what you believe should be short term and long term goals of Vermillion city government.

To have transparency in the operation of city government.

Promote broadening of the tax base through economic development.

Seek out best and brightest individual to fill the recently vacated position of city manager.

To develop viable options with respect to the city hall project.

Improve quality of Vermillion infrastructure with an eye towards economic development.

Continue efforts toward Vermillion beautification by working closely with USD, Vermillion Beautiful, Inc., property owners and code enforcement.

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