New arches placed at gates of local cemeteries

New arches placed at gates of local cemeteries Two new arches designating the St. Agnes Catholic Church cemeteries have been erected. St. Agnes Calvary cemetery is located to the west of the Bluff View cemetery and has been identified by a small wooden sign. The new sign is much larger and is constructed of aluminum.

St. Agnes Fairview cemetery is located on east Highway 50. It was formerly known as the Bruyer cemetery because the land was donated by August Bruyer, an early French settler, in 1860 for church purposes. There was a wrought iron arch over the gate of the fenced-in cemetery in the past. That arch has been gone for many years. The new arch is the same design and construction as the Calvary sign but is larger to fit over the gate at the entrance.

Out-of-town funeral directors, relatives of the deceased, as well as some local residents often have difficulty locating the cemeteries.

The people of St. Agnes are most grateful to Clay-Union Electric for digging the holes at both cemeteries and setting the sign at Fairview; to Moore Welding for help with design and assembly; to Groves Construction crew; and to all who donated funds for the project or helped an any way.

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