School board/Robertson

School board/Robertson Name: Jon Robertson

Education: 1988 graduate of St. Andrews-Sewanee High School, Sewanee, TN. Five years at The University of South Dakota � no degree.

Occupation: Manager of the Cherry Street Grille, Vermillion.

How long have you lived in Vermillion?

Twelve years.

Why are you interested in serving on the Vermillion School Board?

I have one child in the first grade and one that will be starting school in the next two years. I am concerned about their education. I think our kids in Vermillion have a tremendous opportunity with the university in town. We should have the best teachers and resources available. I am not sure we are using those resources to the max. I also have many questions about what the school board is doing and I feel this is the best way to get those questions answered is to get involved.

Please list what you believe should be short term and long term goals of the Vermillion School District?

I think both the short and long-term goals of the school district are the same, to provide the best academic base possible for all kids. After all, what is school for if not to give kids the foundation on which to build a successful future?

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