Vermillion woman, hoping to find medical care for her ill dog, issues A plea for help

Vermillion woman, hoping to find medical care for her ill dog, issues A plea for help by David Lias One could tell by the tone of Carol Duncombe's voice Monday that she was under a bit of stress.

The Vermillion woman is, in fact, struggling to cope with a problem with serious life and death consequences.

Her beloved 4-year-old full blood American Eskimo spitz, named Angel, is in poor health.

A local veterinarian believes the dog may be suffering from a liver problem, and may have other problems he is unable to diagnose.

Duncombe's been told that the dog needs to see a specialist in Iowa.

"I've tried to call the people that rescue American Eskimo spitz dogs, so that I could try to ask them to help me, but I can't get their number," she said. "I can't take to her a specialist without some kind of help."

Duncombe said her local veterinarian has done all he can do for Angel.

"He told me he'd have to send her to a specialist for testing and more involved care," she said. "He told me he'd give me the name of the place in Iowa that I need to take her, and I told her that I can't afford to take her on my own.

"I would like to have her looked over and X-rayed," she said, "to see how involved the care is going to be. Because I love my dog. We got her from some people in Sioux Falls; they just gave her to us. I love animals, period."

The dog is in the early stages of liver failure. Duncombe worries that her beloved pet could become quite ill soon.

She's been trying to nourish Angel with milk and bread, but the dog is having difficulty keeping food down.

"He (the veterinarian) said she could have a cyst or something in her intestine that's blocking that food from being digested," she said.

"I'm desperate," Duncombe said. "I want to take care of her, and I don't want her to be put down if she has a problem that can be fixed."

Fixing the problem will require intensive treatment.

People wishing to assist Duncombe in may contact her at 314 Austin Street #6, phone 624-9172.

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