Award Day recognizes Vermillion High School students

Award Day recognizes Vermillion High School students The accomplishments of Vermillion High School students were recognized May 8 at an Awards Day assembly in the VHS Performing Arts Center.

The awards that were presented and their recipients include:

Rawlins Scholarship, Audrey Foltz;

Leadership Scholarship, Kayla Widner;

Broadcaster Scholarship, Abby Moore;

John T. Vucurevich, Alecia Cook, Nick Severson, Chris Hayes;

USD Foundation Scholarships, Diana Clark, Alecia Cook, Chris Hayes, Meganne Hovden, Paul Quevillon, Karl Reasoner, Dustin Schempp, Nick Severson and Karen Sorensen;

Holter Scholarship, Karl Reasoner;

Tribal Member, Alecia Cook;

Girls State, Karen Sorensen;

Boys State, Chris Hayes;

MidAmerican Energy, Chris Hayes;

Sertoma Scholarship, Karen Sorensen, Hannah Walton;

Scholastic Excellence Award, Craig Bierle;

Distinguished Athlete Award, Meggie Donnelly, Raymond O'Connor;

"Semper Fidelis" Award, Ben McBride;

William J. Radigan Civic Award Scholarship, Matt Bedard;

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Awards, Eric Dehner, Carey Engstrom;

SD Bankers Foundation & First National Bank Scholarship, Dustin Schempp;

First National Bank Student of the Month, Mary Nelson, Dustin Schempp, Clint Christensen, Alexis Lang, Carey Engstrom, Dan Ring, Andrew Knutson, Audrey Foltz, Ben Williams, Megan Kruse, Jon Hoadley, Maria Iles, Mark Rusch, Ashley Thompson, Elizabeth Slagle, Karen Sorensen;

American Legion Citizen Awards, Jon Hoadley, Ashley Thompson;

American Legion Oratory Award, Jon Hoadley;

The Vermillion Legion Club, Post No. 1, Karen Sorensen;

Eye Care Eye Wear Scholarship, Deepti Naik

Yankton Medical Clinic, Nicole Veitz;

Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Carey Engstrom;

Clay County Elephant Club Scholarship, Karen Sorensen, Jon Hoadley;

Southeast Area Retired Teachers Scholarship, Karen Sorensen;

Laura Brunick Memorial Scholarship, Penny Decker;

Air Force Math Science Awards, Dan Ring;

Rotary Club Scholarship, Karen Sorensen;

Clay County Youth Trust Scholarships, Rachel Nelson;

Steve Merrigan Memorial Scholarship, Eric Dehner;

Eagles Auxiliary Scholarship, Nichol Sedivy;

Eagles Scholarship, Matt Bedard;

Lions Club Scholarship, Karen Sorensen;

Basin Electric Scholarship, Rachel Nelson;

Lauretta Holoch Memorial Scholarship, Jeff Gilbertson;

Dustin Sundstrom Memorial Award, Abby Moore;

Catholic Daughters Scholarship, Karen Sorensen;

Vermillion Civic Council Salute to Volunteers Award, Matt Bedard, Amber Reisdorph;

Vermillion Realtor's Scholarship, Abby Moore;

Yankton College Brown-Daniels Scholarship, Mark Rusch;

Yearbook Awards, Stacy Wheelock, Hannah Walton, Kayla Widner;

Newspaper Award, Ashley Thompson;

Dollars for Scholars, Eric Dehner, Ben Williams, Alexis Lang, Meggie Paulson;

VEA Education Scholarship, Meggie Paulson;

Vermillion High School AMC Team Members, Dan Ring, Craig Bierle, Mark Rusch;

Vocational Auto Mechanics Awards, Adam Passick, Ryan Annis, Matt Tracy, Adam Mount, Dave Hanson, Adam Yeager, Jeanette Nygaard, Jeff Gilbertson;

Donald O'Connor Memorial Wrestling Award, Raymond O'Connor;

Dennis Helseth Memorial Football Award, Thad Roche;

NFL Academic All American, Dan Ring, Deepti Naik, Liz Slagle, Jon Hoadley, Anders Fremstad;

Teacher of the Year, Helen Kephart;

Senior Renaissance, Kayla Widner, Karen Sorensen, Jon Hoadley, Hannah Walton, Anders Fremstad, Meggie Paulson, Nichol Sedivy;

Senior Honors Program Awards, Matt Bedard, Craig Bierle, Clint Christensen, Diana Clark, Eric Dehner, Meggie Donnelly, Carey Engstrom, Audrey Foltz, Anders Fremstad, Chris Hayes, Jon Hoadley, Maria Iles, Sarah Kashas, Suzanna Kitzler, Andrew Knutson, Megan Kruse, Alexis Lang, Ben McBride, Abby Moore, Deepti Naik, Mary Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Jeanette Nygaard, Meggie Paulson, Katherine Pommersheim, Paul Quevillon, Eric Rasmussen, Karl Reasoner, Amber Reisdorph, Eric Rickord, Dan Ring, Mark Rusch, Dustin Schempp, Nichol Sedivy, Elizabeth Slagle, Karen Sorensen, Cara Stogsdill, Matt Teigen, Ashley Thompson, Nicole Veitz, Kayla Widner, Ben Williams;

Bill O'Keefe Memorial Academic All State Award, Jon Hoadley;

Regents' Scholars, Amber Reisdorph, Anders Fremstad, Andrew Knutson, Ashley Thompson, Benjamin McBride, Cara Stogsdill, Carey Engstrom, Christopher Hayes, Clinton Christensen, Craig Bierle, Daniel Ring, Deepti Naik, Dustin Schempp, Elizabeth Slagle, Eric Rasmussen, Eric Dehner, Eric Rickord, Jeanette Nygaard, Jon Hoadley, Jonathon Rusch, Karl Reasoner, Margaret Paulson, Mark Rusch, Mary Nelson, Matthew Bedard, Meagan Kruse, Meggie Donnelly, Nichol Sedivy, Nicole Veitz, Paul Quevillon, Rachel Nelson, Sarah Kashas, Suzanna Kitzler;

Peer Tutors, Eric Dehner, Meggie Donnelly, Cara Stogsdill, Megan Hovden, Matt Teigen, Nichol Sedivy, Maria Iles, Sarah Kashas, Karen Sorensen, Brett Mockler, Alecia Cook, Deepti Naik, Diana Clark, Nicole Veitz, Suzanne Kitzler, Chris Hoffman, Megan Kruse, Paul Tims, Carey Engstrom, Mark Rusch, Audrey Foltz, Matt Bedard, Karl Reasoner;

Student Council Award, Andrew Knutson, Jeanette Nygaard, Megan Kruse, Nicole Veitz, Deepti Naik, Ashley Thompson, Dustin Schempp, Ray O'Connor, Karl Reasoner;

National Merit Finalists, Dan Ring, Anders Fremstad;

National Merit Commended Student, Mark Rusch, Jon Rusch;

Navy College Fund, Ross Solberg.

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