Janklow offers second statewide diabetes screening

Janklow offers second statewide diabetes screening Tens of thousands of South Dakotans need to see a doctor about diabetes and blood pressure but probably don't know it, Gov. Bill Janklow said Wednesday.

Because so many people's health and lives are at risk, Janklow has directed the South Dakota Department of Health to greatly expand its free blood-glucose screening project starting this summer.

"Name the event and we ought to be there testing," Janklow said. "Instead of doing this for a day or two, we need a months-long campaign, hitting every place from rodeos to parades to county fairs. Instead of hoping people come to us to be tested, I want the health department to take the testing to where the people are."

More than 31,000 South Dakotans had their blood glucose checked during the first Governor's Diabete's Screening Project last year.

"Last year we found 8 percent needed to see a doctor about high glucose and 35 percent about high blood pressure. Those are big percentages, and they mean there are tens of thousands more who should see a doctor and don't know it. That's why we're doing this again but in a far bigger and far broader way," Janklow said.

State Secretary of Health Doneen Hollingsworth said her staff will be working again with hospitals, clinics, health professionals, community groups, pharmacists and others across the state to offer screening opportunities, starting with the summer months of July through September. The focus will be to incorporate screenings into already scheduled events such as art festivals, county fairs, the state fair, and others.

Screening events will be posted at www.sddiabetes.net, as soon as they are scheduled. The site also includes a diabetes risk assessment, general information about the disease, a list of support groups in the state, and healthful recipes. Also on the Web site is a list of organizations who partnered with the Department of Health on last year's screening project.

If you are interested in organizing a screening contact the department's Diabetes Control Program at 1-800-738-2301 or 605-773-3737.

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