Janklow: Youth are society’s true lifeblood

Janklow: Youth are society's true lifeblood Gov. William Janklow speaks to high school sophomores and their families at the second annual Governor's Leadership Luncheon, held Saturday at the DakotaDome. by David Lias The best part of attending the Governor's Leadership Luncheon Saturday at the DakotaDome for Gov. William Janklow wasn't the opportunity to give a keynote address to high school students and their families.

It appeared that the event's highlight for the governor was dining and getting acquainted with a few high school students and their parents.

"I got to visit with the young lady and the young gentleman at our table, and it was just incredible how much they represent what is the true lifeblood of the future of this state, this region and this nation," Janklow said.

The luncheon, sponsored by The University of South Dakota, the W.O. Farber Center for Civic Leadership, and the USD Foundation is designed to honor outstanding high school sophomores from South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Nominated by officials at their respective schools, the students were recognized for their contributions in and out of the classroom and for their potential to be future leaders of their schools, communities, states and nation.

"What's incredible is that neither one of them (the students) said, 'I have no plans.' They've been selected as leaders, and what's interesting about leadership is it's not a title you can give yourself," Janklow said.

The students attending the event received an award honoring his or her exceptional attributes and extraordinary service.�Vermillion students who received awards are Colette Joy, daughter of Keith and Candice Joy, Kendra Gottsleben, daughter of Dave and Betsy Gottsleben, and Kathleen Redlin, daughter of Greg and RoAnn Redlin.

"We have to turn to you young people to find the real answers to what the future holds for solving our problems," Janklow said.

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