Letters Reunion planners need addresses

To the editor:

The Vermillion High School Class of 1967 is planning a 35th reunion dinner for June 29. We do not have current addresses for the following friends: Ronald Dean Christianson, David Russell Davis, Cheryl Jane Emerson, Charles Joseph Hoffman, James Doyle Hubert, Kay Mary Lawless, Dolores Dianne Merry, Charlotte Rae Moberg, James Warren Olson, Rodney Charles Parsons, Janice Linn Petersen, Colleen Ann Rasmussen, F. Edward Sebring, Michael Scheuring, Timothy J. Starke, Patricia L. Stromer, Josephine Mae Voudry, Jo Ann Marie Wagner and Diane Gail Willet.

Information about these classmates may be sent to Kathie Gutzman Nenaber at vvmax97att.net or mailed to the address below.

Kathleen Gutzman


1209 South

Grand Ave., West

Springfield, IL 62704

Don't be deceived by Amendment A

To the editor:

The future of rural South Dakota will be vitally affected by the outcome of the election on the question whether Amendment E to the South Dakota Constitution will be permitted to stand as 60 percent of the state's voters chose it to be at the 1998 election. The 1998 Amendment E was aimed at preventing large out-of-state investors from paying farmers to raise livestock and crops for them while, at the same time, they enjoy exemptions from liability when things go wrong.

South Dakota voters saw Amendment E as a means of protecting South Dakota's natural resources and our environment as a means of keeping farm income in South Dakota rather than exporting it to out of state investors. Come June 4, voters should not be deceived by the ploy that Amendment A is designed to merely modify and improve Amendment E. Amendment A would gut Amendment E and deprive South Dakota voters of their hard-won 1998 victory.

A vote, NO on Amendment A on June 4 is the way to save Amendment E; and independent voters are entitled to vote on this issue.

Martin Weeks


Season switch hurts female students

To the editor:

A group known as People against Switching Seasons (PASS) is filing suit against the South Dakota High School Activities Association to stop the season switch for at least four years, until all females involved in marching band, oral interp, basketball, gymnastics, cross country and volleyball, debate and cheerleading have an opportunity to finish their high school programs. If the seasons switch this fall, volleyball will be played in the fall and hurt the girls involved in oral interp, marching band, debate and cross country. Also, girls who play basketball and are gymnasts will be forced out of programs.

This season switch hurts females across South Dakota. It forces girls out of programs and does not give them opportunities to finish what they've started in good faith. It also takes away opportunities for athletic and academic scholarships. Every school in South Dakota has been mailed a litigation sign-up form. All girls involved in high school activities should fill out and mail it to the attorney's office. It will help determine if you are going to be hurt by the season switch and whether you may be entitled to damages.

If your school does not make the litigation sign-up form available, please contact attorney Rick Johnson of the law firm of Johnson, Eklund, Nicholson & Peterson at 1-800-555-1230 or contact PASS (People Against Switching Seasons) at 605-256-6334 and one will be mailed to you. This action is intended to benefit those female students who are already in high school who will be negatively affected by the season switch.

Thank you,

Rod Goeman

PASS organizer

Johnson's work important to farmers

To the editor:

Sen. Johnson worked hard to add important provisions to the Senate farm bill that benefit South Dakota. I am pleased that the final form of the farm bill contains Sen. Johnson's provision for country of origin labeling. People have the right to know where the meat they consume is produced.

The farmers and ranchers of South Dakota have always been able to count on Tim Johnson, and that is proven by the provisions in the 2002 Farm Bill that he introduced.


Scott E. Jepsen


Thank you, Jan, for your commitment

To the editor:

We are writing this letter to tell the community about one of our unsung heroes. This year Jan Olson, who taught special education in our community for 21 years, is retiring.

Special education is a career where there is not a lot of fanfare and recognition. A lot of educators use special education as a stepping-stone to get a job in a classroom. This wasn't true of Mrs. Olson. Jan has loved her job and loved the children she has taught. She not only taught them how to read, write, and other education necessities, but in her quiet gentle manner has taught them about the world around them.

She has taught them to believe in themselves. We know firsthand the love and commitment of Mrs. Olson. We had a child learn and flourish under her care. Our daughter graduated from high school and has spent the last year as an educational assistant in a special education setting. She is now going to attend college to obtain a special education degree.

We thank Mrs. Olson publicly for her commitment to our daughters and sons in our community whose lives she has touched. Good luck and God's blessing to you on your retirement, Jan.

Ed and Diane Nesselhuf


Johnson fights for education

To the editor:

As a University of South Dakota student, I am fortunate to have Sen. Tim Johnson look after my interests. Recently, the White House announced a plan that would cut $1.3 billion from the federal student loan program that provides low

interest loans to students like myself. Sen. Johnson called this plan "misguided."

Education is a key element of our country's economic future and should be the last thing cut � not the first. Sen. Johnson has said that he will work hard to use his Senate Appropriations seat to cover the $1.3 billion.

I thank Sen. Johnson for having the right priorities

and for his dedication toward fighting for education. I look

forward to re-electing Sen. Johnson and having him protect the interests of South Dakota.

Brad Hoff


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