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Letters to the Editor Thune is chess piece

To the editor:

Bush's trip to South Dakota a few weeks ago hinted to it, but David Kranz's recent article where he mentioned that about 38 South Dakotans flew out to the White House proves it. John Thune is a chess piece in the White House's chess game for the country.

South Dakota is being played for political advantage by the White House. Does anyone think that Bush came because he likes South Dakota so much? Our state doesn't need to elect someone who will be indebted to the White House for his Senate seat. We need special interests for gain in this state.

John Thune has been appeasing the White House by running, and special interest in the form of corporate farming and oil. Tim Johnson has worked with the White House and opposed large meat packers and the oil special interest and supported value added agriculture. That's why I plan on voting for him in November.


Lana Svien-Senne


Vote no on Amendment A

To the editor:

We can't allow Judge Kornman's recent ruling against Amendment E to deter us from voting no on Amendment A in the upcoming primary election June 4. Dakota Rural Action and the South Dakota Resources Coalition have announced they will appeal Kornman's decision. Luanne Napton, president of SDRC, has expressed confidence that the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals will overturn his ruling.

Though the future of Amendment E is uncertain, we must stand firm in opposing Amendment A, which would not only strip away the family farm safeguards we put into the constitution in 1998 with Amendment E, but would also peel back even the meager safeguards contained in the 1974 Family Farm Act.

The outcome of the June 4 election will be crucial to the future of South Dakota. We can assert the right to control our own land and resources, or we can cave in to outside corporate interests and their investors, pass Amendment A and allow an industry that has severely polluted the water and air of other states to erode our future. By voting against Amendment A and for candidates like Ron Volesky who are willing to fight for people's interests, we can protect our land and resources from corporate greed.


Norma C. Wilson


Officer thanked for showing concern

To the editor:

I would like to thank Sergeant Dave Theisse of the Vermillion Police Department for going above and beyond the call of duty. I was fortunate enough to recently to be working with Sergeant Theisse. (he was off duty) during the Vermillion Jaycees annual sandbox fill.

I had my three children with me that day in my van and ws lucky enough that Sergeant Theisse was talking to my children and informed me that only one of my three children (ages 5, 3, 1 1/2) were in the proper kind of car seat for their age and size. As a parent I always try to do my best at keeping my children safe and am a firm believer in car seats so to find out that the seats I had were not considered the safest really surprised and concerned me.

I want to thank Sergeant Theisse, who is a certified car seat technician, for his advice and concern. He also advised me that car seats were available from the police department and he could drop at least one new car seat off at my house.

Thank you, Officer Theisse, for keeping my children safe.

I urge all parents to contact the police department and have one of their certified car seat technicians check out their car seats. It could save your child's life! Did you know that 90 percent of all car seats are installed improperly?

Thanks Sergeant Theisse!

Dena Brady, Jessica, Nathen and Rachel


Community support appreciated by Jaycees

To the editor:

The Vermillion Jaycees would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for making the annual Sandbox Fill held May 9 a success. Their support is greatly appreciated.

We could not have done it without donations from Ludey's Redi Mix for the sand, Grand Sammelson of Sammelson Brothers excavation for the use of his dump truck and most importantly his time and Jim Brady of Jones' Ace Hardware and Rentals for the use of wheelbarrows and shovels.

Thanks to the Jaycee members who helped out with this event: Dave and Amy Theisse, Paul and Sarah Roob, Jennifer Steele, Kevin Weiss, Tamara Davis, Linda Hawley, Denny Kainrath and Dena Brady. Amy Theisse and Dena Brady co-chaired this event.

Special thanks to all the families in Vermillion that supported this event. The Jaycees appreciate your support. Proceeds from this event will be used for future projects such as Punt, Pass and Kick, Toys for Tots, Hot Shots and scholarships, just to name a few.

Thanks for your support!

Vermillion Jaycees

Please offer thanks to teachers

To the editor:

Vermillion families are fortunate to have elementary and secondary teachers who are doing amazing work with our children. As parents and members of the community, we may only occasionally glimpse our community's teachers at work � on they playground, at a music program, during the athletic events, or at parent-teacher conferences. But our children reflect back to us, in countless ways, the time, respect and dedication our teachers give to them. These teachers challenge their growth, answer their questions, listen to their ideas, spark their creativity, and laugh at their jokes.

Too often our focus is pulled away from our teacher's work in the classroom as we struggle with funding formulas, board decisions, and administrative policies. We overlook, or worse yet, take for granted, those quiet miracles that happen every day, when a teacher's creativity, skill and encouragement awaken a child's curiosity and reward a child's achievement. Our teachers refuse to allow dwindling resources and stagnant compensation to affect the spirit of discovery and challenge that characterizes their classrooms.

I am so humbly grateful to the bright and dedicated individuals who have made educating our children their life's work.

Tuesday, May 7, was National Teacher's Day. Please offer your gratitude to our community's teachers. And give your support to the administrators and school board members who listen to our teachers.

Jill Tyler


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