Local schools participate in Spruce Up South Dakota

Local schools participate in Spruce Up South Dakota The latest numbers are in, and Student's Spruce Up South Dakota Day is very quickly tur-ning into something very big.

So far, 236 schools in 178

different communities have accepted Gov. Bill Janklow's invitation to take part in what he hopes will become a spring tradition.

"That's more than 67,000 students of all ages. They're from public, parochial, tribal, private and federal schools. Clearly they understand they can make a difference for their communities," he said.

Last month, Janklow sent letters inviting every school across South Dakota to participate in a statewide Students Spruce Up Day. He suggested May 3 as the date but encouraged schools to participate on whatever day best fit their local schedules.

"Some schools have already been out and have their projects completed. At least 150 will be heading out May 3. When they're all finished, South Dakota will be cleaner, safer and look better from one end to the other of our great state."

For that we should all tell them thanks," Janklow said.

Participants include students of Wakonda and Vermillion Public Schools.

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