Local utility brings economic benefits

Local utility brings economic benefits by Vermillion Light and Power The value of Vermillion�s locally owned, locally controlled electric company extends beyond reliable service and low rates. Vermillion Light & Power not only provides electricity for the homes and businesses in our community; it also provides real economic benefits.

One of the great things about a public power system such as Vermillion Light & Power is that local people are making decisions about the operations of our local utility. An important consideration of your local officials has always been to offer the best electric service possible at a very reasonable rate. We can be comfortable knowing that our local leaders make their decisions with the best interests of our citizens, both individual and corporate, in mind.

Vermillion Light & Power�s low-cost electric service is an inducement to new business and industry. While the presence of low-cost utilities alone may not be enough to bring a new business to town, it surely is an advantage for our community. New business broadens our tax base, and creates jobs and local income. Our low rates also help existing consumers by allowing them to spend more money on other goods and services, thus further stimulating the local economy.

Vermillion Light & Power also enjoys the advantages of belonging to an organization of similar public power communities in the region. This organization is Missouri River Energy Services (MRES�).

Since its formation in the mid 1960s. MRES has been a means for more than 50 public power communities to work together on electric power supply and other energy-related matters.

Just as local people are the leaders and policy makers for our electric utility, MRES members are its leaders and policy makers. Vermillion Light & Power and MRES have a strong tradition of bringing high-quality, low-cost service to our community. That means promoting economic growth and all the good things that go along with it.

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