Music awards presented

Music awards presented The Vermillion High School Department of Music held its 2002 Awards Presentation at the annual Finale Concert May 7 in the VHS Performing Arts Center.

In the choral program, Ben McBride and Alexis Lang were awarded the South Dakota Choral Award. The criteria for this award includes being a four year South Dakota All-State Choir member and a two year Honors Choir member. Arthur Begley and Mary Nelson were presented with the Die Meistersinger Award for four outstanding years of dedication and leadership in the choral program.

The following choir students received choir letters: Freshmen � Laura Aga, Taylor Drake, Heather Howitz, Stephanie Morse, Molly O'Connor, Ellen Odson, Jacque Smidt, Monica Wing.

Sophomores � Mark Amiotte, Samantha Brown, Nelson Chang, Mike Clark, Noelle Harden, Holly Heaton, Justin Manning, Zach Holoch, Zach Mortensen, Cassie McBride, Dan Pearson, Collin Prosser, Paul Wait.

Juniors � Amanda Aga, Camille Andrews, Molly Beeman, Lisa Doohen, Becca Gehm, Michele Morse, Joelle Mulder, Kayla Nelson, Catherine Odson, Heather Reeves, Deanna Russell.

Seniors � Arthur Begley, Anne-Marie Bickel, Diana Clark, Carey Engstrom, Jon Hoadley, Meganne Hovden, Alexis Lang, Ben McBride, Mary Nelson, Ben Parsons, Meggie Paulson, Katie Pommersheim, Amber Reisdorph, Matt Smidt, Cara Stogsdill, and Ashley Thompson.

In the instrumental program, Jon Hoadley was awarded the John Philip Sousa Band Award and Ben Williams was presented the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. Both awards are sponsored by the individual's estates and the Instrumentalist magazine.

The following students received band letters: Freshmen � Laura Aga, Sarah Anderson,

Dan Day, Georgia Gray-Lobe, Andrea Lias, Chris Moen, Charles Odson, Michelle Rydell.

Sophomores � Paul Abourezk, Zach Holoch, Lindsey Isaacson, Jessica Leffers.

Juniors � Amanda Aga, Molly Beeman, Victoria Collins, Lisa Doohen, Britt Fremstad, Rebecca Gehm, Kayla Nelson, Catherine Odson, Deanna Russell, Reina Wipf.

Seniors � Diana Clark, Audrey Foltz, Anders Fremstad, Jon Hoadley, Suzanna Kitzler, Alexis Lang, Ben McBride, Deepti Naik, Mary Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Jeanette Nygaard, Meggie Paulson, Katie Pommersheim, Dan ring, Jon Rusch, Mark Rusch, Elizabeth Slagle, Ross Solberg, Ben Williams, and Adam Yeager.

Congratulations and thanks to all for your hard work and dedication.

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