USD student $100,000 richer thanks to Jeopardy

USD student $100,000 richer thanks to Jeopardy Vermillion resident and University of South Dakota student Eric Newhouse finished strong in the semi finals of the nationally televised game show Jeopardy broadcast on Thursday, May 14.

As a finalist in the $1,000,000 tournament, Newhouse played three televised rounds and won second place in the finals. His winnings totaled


The tournament consisted of Newhouse, who originally appeared on the show in the late 1980s, and other contestants who first competed around the same time.

"They wanted to bring back a few of their more memorable contestants for a special tournament," Newhouse said.

No question stood out as particularly interesting or difficult, but he said this tournament is different from typical rounds.

"I think these games have a very different character from what you normally see on the show," said Newhouse. "These are much faster and harder."

According to Newhouse, the best parts of participating in the Jeopardy show included flying to New York and getting to know the other contestants with whom he competed.

"We all got along and were agreeable ? I don't know if that usually happens," he said.

Newhouse first became interested in Jeopardy by watching the show when he was young.

"I'd seen them give away respectable amounts of money just for being able to play the game, and I thought, 'I could certainly do that,'" he said. Newhouse was a candidate for the bachelor of science degree in computer science for spring commencement, 2002. Currently he is the director of technical assistance for the Alzheimer's Association chapter in his hometown of Sioux City, IA.

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