VHS boys’ tennis team ends season on high note

VHS boys' tennis team ends season on high note by Jim Prosser The Tanager boys� tennis team completed its season as it played its last matches at the S.D. State high school tournament in Sioux Falls May 16-18.

First round singles: Flight 1-Jason Holoch (V) def. Eric Hohn (Mitchell) 6-1, 6-1; Flight � 2 Geng Wang (bye); Flight 3 � Nathan Scheidel (bye); Flight 4 � Steve Foltz (bye); Flight 5 � Jack Higgins def. Chris Campbell (Mitchell); flight 6 � Anthony Rath (bye).

First round doubles: Flight 1 � Steve Binkley/Ihab Haleweish (Brookings) def. Holoch/Wang 10-5; flight 2 � Jermy Wehrkamp/Tom Engebretson (BV) def. Scheidel/Foltz (V) 11-10(7-1); flight 3 � Chris Hall/Marty DesLairiers (Mitchell) def. Higgins/Rath 10-3.

Championship bracket second round singles: Flight 1 � Mark Kappelman (RCS) def. Holoch 6-1, 6-0; Flight 2 � Steve Kranz (RCS) def. Wang 6-1, 6-2; Flight 3 � Dan Hayden (RCC) def. Scheidel 6-1, 6-1; Flight 4 � Derrrick Lecy (RCC) def. Foltz 6-1, 6-1; Flight 5 � Steve Holzworth (SFW) def. Higgins 6-0, 6-1; Flight 6 � Charlie Timm (Wat) def. Rath 6-0, 6-1.

Remaining rounds were in the consolation bracket singles: Flight 2 � Wang def. Casey Dahl (Milbank) 10-8; Flight 3 � Brent Swisher (Spearfish) def. Scheidel, 10-7; Flight 4 � Brandon Bentley (Spearfish) def. Foltz, 10-7; Flight 6 � Harvey Oliver (AbR) def. Rath 10-3.

Semi final singles: Brenton Bouzek (Sturgis) def. Wang 10- 8.

Second round doubles: Flight 1 � Holoch/Wang def. SF Roosevelt (default) ; Flight 2 � Aberdeen Central def. Scheidel/Foltz, 10-2; Flight 3 � Higgins/Rath def. Milbank 10- 6.

Semi final doubles: Flight #1 Holoch/Wang def. Aberdeen Central (default); Flight #3 � Brooking def. Higgins/Rath 10-4.

Finals: Flight #1 Holoch/Wang def. Sturgis 10-2.

�Our team finished with 92 total points at State, almost triple our score last year. Holoch and Wang won the #1 doubles consolation championship. The team as a whole improved a great deal during the season,� said coach Nick Hovden. �I saw a totally different team towards the end than I saw at the beginning. The kids practiced hard all year, and matured as players as the year went by. If this improvement continues to grow, next spring, we will be a hard team to beat.�

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