VHS debaters win 4 of 5 at state

VHS debaters win 4 of 5 at state The Vermillion High School debate team all but swept the state tournament. Out of the five events at the tournament, Vermillion won four.

In foreign extemporaneous speaking, Jon Hoadley reclaimed the state champion title and Taiana Hayes placed fourth. In domestic extemporaneous speaking, Vermillion took home the top two places � with Varsha Ramakrishnan, the state champion, and Anders Fremstad, runner-up.

In Original Oration, Vermillion swept again, with Elizabeth Slagle named state champion and Deepti Naik, runner up. Needless to say coach Peggy Dimock was pleased, "I was overwhelmed at the individual performances of the kids," she said. "They worked hard all year and proved themselves again at the state tournament."

In the debate portion of the tournament, Vermillion also shined. In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Dan Ring had an undefeated tournament ending in a match with top-ranked Wayne Booze from Madison. Ring was named state champion on a 4-1 decision and retained the Vermillion state championship title.

Lincoln-Douglas Coach Jim Dimock was thrilled.

"Winning state was great for Dan, because he worked so hard this year. He spent hours reading philosophies and perfecting arguments, and all the work paid off."

In policy debate, both Vermillion teams were undefeated the first day of the tournament � Deepti Naik/Anders Fremstad, and Elizabeth Slagle/Jon Hoadley. On the second day, Naik and Fremstad drew the bye and didn't have to debate the fourth round so they went straight to semi-finals where they debated top-team Deuel, Amy Finnigan and Robert Haar.

In the semi-final round Naik and Fremstad were on the affirmative and lost on a 2-1 decision.

"A bye seems really fortunate, but in fact it's really hard to debate a top team 'cold'. Deepti and Anders would have been better off debating all day then debating the semi-final round," Dimock said. " They did a great job and one judge said that he would have voted for them if they made an issue more significant, so they did everything right and ran all the right arguments but emphasis here or there could have made the difference."

In the semi-final round Hoadley and Slagle defeated the top-rated Groton team and went on to face Deuel in the final round. In the third round of the tournament, Slagle and Hoadley debated and beat Deuel on the affirmative, so the sides were set � Deuel affirmative and Vermillion negative. In a five-judge panel, the decision was 3-2 for Deuel.

"I was disappointed at first, but that seems ridiculous now. Jon and Elizabeth had a great year, they are great debaters, one ballot saying that they won or lost that round really doesn't matter � especially considering that they beat that same team earlier that same day," Dimock said.

This school year, the Vermillion debate team won the sweepstakes at all 10 tournaments it competed in this year, except for the individual events sweepstakes award hosted by the Washington Warriors where it placed second to Sioux Falls Christian.

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