Check it Out

Check it Out by Anne Marshall Just received and processed are three exceptional stories that read like fantasy, are really educational books, and are cataloged in the children's easy non-fiction area. Written by author Cindy Neuschwander, and colorfully illustrated by Wayne Geehan are the new titles of Sir Cumfrence and the First Round Table, Sir Cumfrence and the Dragon of Pi, and Sir Cumfrence and the Great Knight of Angleland. Join Radius, and his parents, Sir Cumfrence and Lady Di of Ameter as they help King Arthur solve a seating problem, find a potion to change a dragon back into a knight, and use a mysterious family medallion to rescue King Lell trapped in a maze of many angles.

Adult Non-Fiction

Danny Boy � Everyone can hum this haunting Irish ballad. For all of its popularity, the most requested of Irish songs may not even be Irish. Its origins still remain the enigma. Travel with best selling author, Malachy McCourt on his journey for the truth as he interviews musicologists, historians, academics, and Irish icons to trace the complex evolution and enduring mystique of Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad.

Amazon Extreme, by Colin Angus and Ian Mulgrew, is the true story of three enthusiastic, but inexperienced adventurers who attempt to become the first team to raft the entire 4,007 miles of the Amazon River, and barely live to tell about it. At age 19, Colin Angus bought a sailboat and embarked on a five-year trip around the world. Ian Mulgrew is a senior feature writer at the Vancouver Sun. Both men are from British Columbia.

America has nearly 5,000 miles of coastline, and almost half of all Americans live within a half-day drive of this coastline. Take a journey with Walter Cronkite, as he encounters the places and people that shaped or are shaping our country. Around America: A Tour of Our Magnificent Coastline offers a great story and little-known facts about America's Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coastlines.

Stop Arguing and Start Understanding: Eight Steps to Solving Family Conflicts, by Dr. David C. Hall can give parents the tools to make positive changes in their family relationships. Dr. Hall, a child, adolescent, and family psychiatrist from Seattle, believes anyone can chance with this guide full of real-life examples from his case files.

As a main ingredient or an aromatic accent, the distinct flavor of lemon is part of virtually every cuisine in the world. Lemon Zest, by Lori Longbotham, is a bright cookbook bringing together a vibrant collection of more than 175 recipes.

Whether you are going for a total look with native plants or just adding to your more conventional landscaping, award-winning gardener and author Sally Wasowski can help you get started. Gardening with Prairie Plants: How to Create Beautiful Native Landscapes is a lavish guide that evokes the images of the vast, windswept plains in any size garden.

Do you have a sloping lot that is difficult to mow or even grow grass? Try a different approach with a practical guide to gardening on sloping land. Hillside Landscaping from Sunset Books shows the gardener practical solutions for working on a gentle mound or a steeply sloped area, with inspired ideas for steps, terraces, and retaining walls.

Library Activities

Library Patrons will notice a welcome change at the library this summer. Thanks to the Vermillion City Council, who approved the replacement of a 25 year old air conditioner, our patrons will enjoy a cool place to read, study, surf the Web, or just stop by to visit.

Join The Winner's Circle as the Summer Reading Program travels to China to create Chinese Paper Dragons. These colorful dragons will "spring" to life on Monday, June 24 at 1:30 p.m. in the community room of the library.

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