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Check It Out New Adult Books

The Bondwoman's Narrative, by Hannah Crafts, is an unprecedented historical account written in the 1950s by the only known female African American slave. Recently uncovered and edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., this is a page-turning story of "passing" and the adventures of a young slave as she makes her way to freedom.

Just suppose that everything around you is as difficult as you imagine it can get. Your business is in trouble, your fiance has dumped you and your family is driving you nuts. Then suddenly you find a bottle on the sand and, suddenly there is a magnificent-looking man standing in front of you saying you can have anything you want � Maddie Winston is sure she has lost her mind. Author Judi McCoy uncorks a fine fantasy in I Dream of You.

Mitch Berger, a very young top film critic for a major New York newspaper has become a recluse since his wife's death. His editor gives him a new assignment to cover the wealthy and social homeowners on Connecticut's Gold coast. David Handler's new mystery is filled with a friendly landlady, a black female lieutenant on the Connecticut State Police Force, and a dead body found in the garden of Mitch's recently rented abode. The Cold Clue Blood is the start of a series of mysteries that are sure to be a hit.

What if someone wrote a story all about you, in a story that detailed your love life, your relationships, your daily comings and goings? What if that unknown author got it all right? Jane is a college professor, who is recently divorced and still feeling unsure of herself. Author Catherine Cusset's new character, Jane, finds a package addressed to her in the foyer. It's a manuscript that reveals her love life, or more exact, her failed love life. Check out The Story of Jane for a look into one woman's emotions and revelations as the unknown author becomes known.

Look for these selections on the new bookshelves next to the circulation desk. If they are unavailable, please ask one of the staff to place a hold on the book for you.

Adult Periodicals

Two new periodicals are now being received at the library. This Old House is published 10 times a year and includes information on building renovation, tools, and materials for the beginner to the expert. Biography Magazine, published by the A&E Television Network, includes brief and in depth accounts of 20th century personalities, as well as noted personalities from the past.

A frequently overlooked library periodical is the DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) Investor, which endeavors to supply investors with sound opinions and advice based on its analysis of publicly available information. These selections are located on the periodic wall in the adult area of the library.


The Vermillion Public Library is offering free transportation from your home to the library or the library to home with Southeast Transit. Rides are available to readers of all ages who have a VPL Patron Card in their name. To ride one must show their card to the driver. Call 624-4978 for a ride or 677-7060 for more information. This new service is courtesy of SE Transit, the Vermillion Public Library and The Friends of the Vermillion Public Library.

Library Activities

Join us in the Winner's Circle at the library for the Summer Reading Program. On Monday, June 17 at 1:30 p.m., the SRP will host professional storyteller Margie Reitsma as she brings us her "Stories and Friends from Near and Far." This performance is designed to take you on a friendship tour around the world.

On Monday, June 24 at 1:30 p.m., join the SRP in China to design a festive Chinese Paper Dragon.

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