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Dr. Wesley Parke entertained and enlightened the membership by tracing the evolution of written language and the art of printing from about 2-3,000 B.C. to the present. His slides and lecture prompted a spirited discussion period.

Andrew Karantinos, now a citizen of the Phoenix area, was welcomed by all, as was the most recently "emeritized" Dr. Bruce Milne.

Response to the change of meeting time to 11:30 a.m. was quite positive.

Jere Chapman has installed an amplification system which will be in use during our next meeting on July 3. This is most appropriate as a noted audiologist, Dr. Terri Bellis, will present the program.


Allen Johnson and Sylvester Clifford

Vermillion Lions Club

The Vermillion Lions Club held a dinner meeting on Thursday, June 6 at the VFW with the club president, Lion Bijay Naik, presiding. Lion Norm Herren introduced his son, Stan, who was visiting in Vermillion. Lion Norm was also recognized for being a part of the D-Day invasion force. Lion Lyle Wagner requested that the club approve funding for an individual that requested aid in obtaining eye glasses. Lion Ron Thaden reported that eight or nine Lions participated in the flower planting on Main Street and that things were growing.

The guest speaker was Steve Miller, who is the minister of the United Church of Christ in Vermillion. Steve gave a short history of Vermillion's Welcome Table that started in June of 2001. The vision of this organization is more than just feeding hungry people, rather it tries to bring together different parts of Vermillion. Its primary mission is to "create an opportunity to share the community spirit."

The Welcome Table is open every Monday evening at the Methodist Church. It serves an average of over 100 people per meal and about half of them are children. The people that volunteer in providing and serving the meal also have time to sit at the tables and partake of the food and the community fellowship.

The Vermillion Lions club will hold its next club meeting at 6 p.m. on June 20 at the VFW.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Missy Mayfield called us to order for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Guests today were Lisa Ketchman and Caio Vayega. Caio, our exchange student for this last year, will be headed back to Brazil before much longer. Early summer to early winter in a few hours. Those Brazilian winters probably aren't so bad, though.

Missy reminded us of the upcoming Summer Arts and Music Festival (this weekend!). If you want to volunteer to help out in some way please call John Day or Greg Redlin.

Our program today was somewhat improvised. Missy leaned on a couple of members to tell about part of their life's story. She started off herself by relating her recent assignment change over at the Shrine to Music. From archiving the museum's large photo collection, she has just recently moved over to assembling and cataloguing more bulky items. She's starting with "musical boxes" (the correct terminology for music boxes) and will be working her way through other items ending with "numerical zithers."

She's looking forward to the new tasks, though she mentioned that some of these items are presently located in dusty, out-of-the-way, and probably bat-infested locations.

Al Pravacek described how he came to be a veterinarian.

Walt Reed described some of his long career in the Air Force. He began with the force during the latter part of World War II but didn't quite get into the shooting war. He was trained as a navigator for the new B-29s but those under-powered, over-armed beasts were not particularly air worthy and were falling out of the skies pretty regularly without having to even leave the country.

Mustered out at the end of the war he finished law school then found himself called back into the Air Force. Got himself into the JAG Corps and did many years of lawyering out and around the world.

Among other things he worked for several years on the writing up of newer laws of war drawn up in Geneva. Most of these new laws of war have not been ratified by the U.S. Congress. Oh, prodded by a question, Walt had to give his name, rank, and serial number. The second was Major General.

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