Farm Credit Services of America celebrates 85 years

Farm Credit Services of America celebrates 85 years Eighty-five years ago, America farmers and ranchers celebrated victory as a new era in financial freedom began. Today, the company that made it possible for thousands of farmers and ranchers to expand and modernize their operations, enjoys a victory of its own. Farm Credit Services of America is celebrating its 85th year in business during 2002.

"It's good to look into your past to remember where you started and recognize what you've accomplished," said Jack Webster, president and CEO. "But, more importantly we must be mindful of what lies ahead. From the start, we've kept pace with the changing industry in order to help our customers maintain their position as the most efficient food producers in he world. That's our legacy and our future."

In 1917, Farm Credit Services of America, known then as the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, gave American farmers and ranchers their first dependable and adaptable source of credit. With sound financing, more sophisticated, advanced operations began to emerge. Capital became essential to operating more effectively and expanding and modernizing production. Today, Farm Credit Services of America finances land expansions, home construction, equipment purchases or leases, crop insurance coverage and seasonal operating expenditures.

Over the years, the company has battled the Great Depression, endured President Carter's embargo and weathered the economic downturns throughout the decades. Despite these hardships, Farm Credit Services of America has emerged as one of the strongest, most financially secure lenders in the industry. Today, 85 years later, Farm Credit Services of America serves nearly 50,000 farmers and ranchers with more than 71,000 loans and leases totaling $6.2 billion.

"Our financial strength proves that we're here to weather any storm and help our customers succeed," said Webster.

Farm Credit Services of America proudly celebrates its 85th year of service to agriculture. Today, with assets of more than $6.4 billion and serving nearly 50,00 customers, FCSAmerica is the largest provider of credit and insurance services to farmers.

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