Learn Program provides healthy lifestyle and weight management

Learn Program provides healthy lifestyle and weight management Over the past 16 weeks, Sioux Valley/USD Wellness Program has a sponsored the LEARN Program for Weight Management. This program is based on the principles of living a healthy Lifestyle through Exercise, Attitude, Relationships and Nutrition (LEARN).

A total of 36 participants attended the classes from January through May and experienced much success. The class members and program instructor, Amy Meisinger, were very pleased with the outcome of the LEARN program's first session.

Three group sessions were held weekly in which participants took part in learning activities and experienced group support. These LEARN participants, as a group, lost a total of 464.75 pounds and 92.6 inches. Many participants agreed diet and exercise together made the most difference.

One participant shared that she enjoyed the group support of the LEARN program, "We really helped each other and supported each other. I never wanted to miss a single meeting."

Another participant appreciated the reality of the program. "We don't have to be perfect all the time as far as eating goes, every little bit of exercise helps, and I don't have to stay under 1,000 calories to lose weight."

The participants in the LEARN program wanted to keep meeting through the summer months for group support and more information. This summer session will be called Life after LEARN and will include a contest between participants to keep their motivation up for losing pounds and inches, along with continuing their healthy lifestyle.

The next LEARN Program for Weight Management class is scheduled for this fall. To enroll in LEARN or for more information, please call Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center at 624-2611, ext. 530.

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