Letters Support efforts to block season switch

To the editor:

Now is the time, today is the day! The lawsuit has been filed. There will be no second chances for your daughters and granddaughters if the season switch is allowed to happen this fall. Many parents, schools, coaches and individuals have asked, "What can I do to help?"

Please contact your local school board members and encourage them to support our effort to block the season switch with a four-year delay, so high school girls can finish activities they already started in good faith. Contact the South Dakota High School Activities Association and tell them you support waiting at least four years for he switch so girls won't be hurt.

Help our effort financially. Now that we have filed the lawsuit, we are raising between $30,000 and $50,000 to fight the season switch and get the four-year delay and we're doing it one contribution at a time. If we can raise one dollar for every high school girl in our state, we'll be successful. Any financial help you can offer is needed and will be held in trust for legal expenses only. In the event we are successful, excess funds will be returned to schools and individuals on a prorated basis.

If you have a daughter or granddaughter that will be affected by the season switch, contact us for the proper forms to be included in lawsuit and potential monetary damages that would compensate your child for her lost scholarship opportunities. All forms must be notarized and returned before June 20. Contact Attorney Rick Johnson's office in Gregory toll-free at 1-888-335-7101 for proper forms today.

This is a grass-roots South Dakota effort to stand up for our daughters and granddaughters and do what is right for girls across our state. The SDHSAA should have negotiated a time-line for our daughters. The SDHSAA needs to allow females to finish the activities they started in good faith. It is about family time, church, study-time, practice-times, adequate facilities, opportunities and so much more. We hope you'll be involved.

Rod Goeman

�PASS Volunteer Coordinator


Where were the flags?

To the editor:

Memorial Day � a day to remember our departed family members, friends and above all the veterans (men and women) who gave their lives defending the United States of America and the freedom that we all enjoy today.

Memorial Day � a day when patriotic citizens, villages and cities proudly fly the flag of the United States.

Where were the flags that should have been waving over Main Street, Vermillion, South Dakota? The city council and city employees should be ashamed! This is not the first time that the flags were not put up on an appropriate day.

It would seem that there would be enough patriotism among the city council and city employees that they could volunteer two to three hours each per year to put up the United States flag.

The 280 veterans memorial flags in Bluff View Cemetery were put up in two hours and removed in two hours, all done by volunteers.

Thanks to several businesses, Cherry Street has some large flags waving over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Leonard Bottolfson, Quartermaster

VFW Clay Post #3061


Thanks to all who made flower planting possible

To the editor:

Last month's flower planting was a wonderful example of a successful public/private effort.

When Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. went to the Vermillion City Council and asked the city to fund a watering system for the downtown flowerbeds, some people thought it would never happen this year. But thanks to the outstanding efforts of many people, it did!

At the top of our list of those who worked above and beyond their job is Harold Holoch, city utilities engineer, who put together the bid specs and pulled off an outstanding public service job.

Thanks also to the Vermillion water department workers who got to work right away and got the job done sooner than anyone could have hoped.

We appreciate also that the city council was willing to meet in special session in order to make the time deadline, and approved the project unanimously so that work could start immediately. Thanks to Larry Anthofer and crew who also worked hard and, in spite of difficulties beyond their control, finished in time for us to proceed with the flower planting with only a few adjustments. And thanks to those volunteer groups who understood when we had to postpone their scheduled planting time.

Three other people deserve special thanks for doing all the hard, dirty prep work on the beds the week before. Thanks Todd Brevik and Deloris and Dwain Jorgenson !

So many people helped make our flower planting a success. In this newspaper you will see a list of the many groups, businesses and individuals who made this impressive beautification project possible. To all of you-thank you! You should be proud of what we achieved!


Judy Clark


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