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Letters to the Editor Open arms to Bleil family

To the editor:

This letter is a twist on a familiar saying ? one community's loss is another gain.

Here in Jackson County, NC, we have so many heavy and broken hearts as we said our final good-byes to Laurel Bleil and her two sons, Kevin and Tim. They left town on Saturday, June 1 to join their husband/father, Bill Bleil, the new offensive coordinator for the USD football team.

To say the Bleil family will be missed is a huge understatement. They were tightly woven into the fabric of our lives and our community. Bill has been living in your town for several months. If you've met him, you know what a class man he is. And, by the way, he's one heck of a football coach. Just ask his peers who voted him coach of the year in the Southern Conference as his team achieved success not seen here in 20 years.

Laurel is one of the sweetest, generous, most gracious and beautiful women you'll ever meet and a better friend you'd never find. The two boys, Kevin and Tim, are both kind, honest, respectful, genuinely nice guys; the kind of boys you'd love having live in your neighborhood. To get a better sense of the kind of boys they are, just ask to see the many keepsakes and photo mementoes they both received from their friends in the days and weeks before they left (bring some kleenex).

So, to all of you in Vermillion, we hope you appreciate how incredibly lucky you are. Do yourself a favor and get to know this family as soon as you can. Please take good care of them and treasure your time and friendships with them.

You see, and in Jackson County, NC, we've learned a very harsh lesson. In the world of college athletics, sometimes it doesn't matter how successful you are as a coach or how respected and loved you are as a family. Sometimes hearts just get broken.


Don Atten

Kathy Campbell

Jackson County, NC

Sen. Johnson looks out for South Dakota

To the editor:

South Dakotans couldn't ask for a better senator than Tim Johnson. Senator Johnson truly looks out for what's best for South Dakota families, while making sure that our government remains fiscally sound. He voted for Bush's tax cut because he knows that working families needed tax relief. He has also worked to protect Social Security. Senator Johnson stands up to special interest groups and votes for the interests of South Dakota, every time.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his opponent, John Thune. Thune has proven that he is often more concerned about pleasing special interest groups in Washington, D.C. than he is about representing his own constituents here in South Dakota. The very fact that the White House coerced him into abandoning his decision to run for governor is proof of how easily he can be manipulated.

I support Senator Johnson because I know that he will always stand up and vote for what's best for South Dakota.


Delores Gregg


Closing pool early is unfair

To the editor:

I was recently enjoying an afternoon at Prentis Park when I heard a rather puzzling announcement from the swimming pool. The pool was closing for the afternoon, apparently because "not enough swimmers" had arrived. Such a decision seemed, if not objectionable, sure puzzling.

The young people at the pool had paid to swim, and to cut their fun short was a crime, both against them and against the beautiful summer day they had come to enjoy. At least one kid, apparently having set a time to meet a parent, stood waiting � I have no idea for how long. I considered offering her a ride, but then I remembered that I'm a stranger.

Although I recognize that the pool must adhere to a tight budget, it strikes me as unfair to break the pool/swimmer contract for a small cut in overhead. I hope for something like this not to happen again. Next time I'm at the park, I plan to hear children screaming with joy, no matter how few.


Elliot Harmon


Johnson supports relief for seniors

To the editor:

One of the reasons that I support Senator Tim Johnson is because he is committed to creating a Prescription Drug Benefit in Medicare for all seniors. Johnson supports legislation that would make all seniors on Medicare eligible for affordable comprehensive prescription coverage, but still leaves the benefit voluntary. Johnson's bill would help thousands of South Dakota seniors who right now are paying far too much on outrageous medication costs.

Tim Johnson understands that there is a crisis in South Dakota for seniors who can't afford their prescriptions, and he is doing something about it. In his bill, people on Medicare would pay a $25 monthly premium, and $10 co-pays for generic drugs and $40 for name brand prescriptions. Participants who couldn't afford co-pays would be fully covered. Johnson is supporting a workable plan that would provide badly needed relief to seniors, while still not bankrupting the government. I like Tim Johnson because he stands up for South Dakota seniors to find common sense solutions, just like this one, and I'll remember that in November.


Helen Burton


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