Recap of First National Bank youth league season

Recap of First National Bank youth league season By Jim Prosser This will be a recap of the first four games of the First National Bank team played by the 11-12 age group in the Yankton baseball league involving teams from Crofton, NE, Vermillion, and Yankton. Games are played in Yankton or Vermillion on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.

The first game was a 21-11 wipeout for FNB over Yankton Sox. Winning pitcher was Jordan Boots who was credited with seven Ks in three innings. Hitting leaders were: Michael VanDyke � homerun and triple; Alex Schaack, 3-3 with a double; Daniel Storm, 2-3 with a triple; and Michael Oberle, a double.

Game #2: FNB � 30, Yankton Stars � 3; WP Alex Schaack (three shutout innings); Hitting � Storm, 4-5; Casey Carlson, 3-4; Boots, 3-4; Schaack, 3-4.

Game #3: FNB � 3, Crofton BlueJays � 0; WP Boots (five Ks); Save � Schaack (six Ks); Hitting � VanDyke, double. (FNB had only three hits).

Game #4: FNB � 17; Yankton Rangers � 5; WP Mikal Ustad (five Ks); save � C.J. Haakinson (three Ks); Hitting; Schaack,

3-3 with a double; Ryan Husby, triple; Tyler Steele, 2-3; Oberle, 2-3 with a double.

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