Vermillion School District receives out-of-school grant of $29,600

Vermillion School District receives out-of-school grant of $29,600 Gov. Bill Janklow is continuing to follow through on his priority promise to help establish quality programs for South Dakota children in their out-of-school time.

Janklow has awarded $1,085,397 in grants to 36

out-of-school time (OST) programs throughout the state. The grants will assist communities or school districts in the development or expansion of programs that provide safe environments and enrichment activities for children before or after school.

The Vermillion School District is the recipient of a second-year OST grant of $29,600.

"Five years ago, I encouraged communities throughout South Dakota to take more of an interest in providing quality out-of-school time programs for their youngest citizens," Janklow said.

"After-school programs are important because they provide structure and encouragement to young people who would otherwise be alone at home or out on the streets after school," he said. "Within these programs, children can get help with their homework, participate in fun learning activities that involve math, reading, science and the arts, learn computer and other skills, or engage in cultural activities in a safe environment." Thirty-six out-of-school time programs in 28 communities were either partially or fully funded for the 2002-2003 school year. Janklow said priority was given to programs that show strong community support, are located in school

facilities, offer organized enrichment activities and show a solid plan for sustainability. Projects were chosen for funding using a competitive review process.

Eight of the programs receiving funding are first-year grantees who will be eligible for two more years of grant funding in lesser amounts.

"It is our expectation that programs receiving start-up or expansion funding this year will be able to sustain themselves in a few years with community support and program fees," Janklow said. "This is why grant funds for a program are reduced each year."

Since the start of Janklow's initiative four years ago, more than 80 projects have been funded including 153 program sites with approximately 5,800 slots for K-8 students. The grants are awarded through the Department of Social Services using federal Child Care Development funds.

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