Vermillion soccer team is honored for fair play

Vermillion soccer team is honored for fair play At the 2002 Tide South Dakota U.S. Youth Soccer American Cup tournament held in Rapid City May 31-June 3, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association provided the Blue Fair Play Awards awarded to both boys and girls teams in each age division.

The Vermillion Girls U19 "A" Division � Vermillion "Pie Girls," coached by Jeff Pederson, is an award recipient. These awards were decided by a ballot of the center referee for each game and are based on the following:

* Fair Play � Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly.

* Play by the Rules � An understanding of the rules of soccer makes the game more fun and more enjoyable to play.

* Respect for Opponents, Teammates, Referees and Officials � Showing respect for all involved on the soccer field is key to an enjoyable experience in soccer.

* Accept Defeat with Dignity and Victory with Humility � Learn to lose graciously. Don't seek excuses for defeat. Congratulate winners with grace.

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