Check It Out

Check It Out by Anne Marshall Adult Mysteries

Several new adult mysteries have just been processed and are ready for check-out. Four years ago, surgical pathologist Dooley McSweeny and his wife adopted a boy from Russia, or so they thought. Medical tests indicate this little boy could not have come from Russia, and the couple is plunged into a dark world of international adoption. Check-out White Male Infant, by Barbara D'Amato.

Did Alfred Hitchcock, the world famous master of suspense, have a secret life as a detective? The year was 1957 and Los Angelos is in the grip of a bizarre series of murders. Hitchcock is immersed in the production of his latest film, Vertigo, when he receives a macabre present, the severed ear of a woman. Join author J. Madison Davis and Alfred Hitchcock in The Vertigo Murders.

Alan Saxon is helping to design a golf course at a new hotel in Bermuda. His daughter and her fellow-classmate spend a week only to have everything start to disintegrate when a dead body is found hanging from a cedar tree in the middle of the golf course. Author Keith Miles brings the reader another mystery with familiar characters in Bermuda Grass.

Stay, by Nicola Griffith, is this author's most accomplished and seering work yet. Set in the North Carolina woods, Aud, a cool and competent ex-cop, gives into her emotions of grief and guilt over the death of her lover only to be asked to track down a missing woman.

What Now, King Lear? is the exciting sixth mystery featuring Gil Yates, the dual-personality P.I. Author Alistair Boyle brings in a large cast of characters including a murdered self-made Texas tycoon, his three daughters, their spouses, and his widowed wife, who just happens to be wife number three.

Harvey Blissberg is a former major league outfielder and a private investigator. He is called by his former team to check out the anonymous threats on the life of the new outfielder just when the new player is about to break Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. Harvey can field the ball, but can he stop a murder in R.D. Rosen's Dead Ball?

In August of 1960, V.P. Richard Nixon is on the campaign trail and his next stop is Black River Falls, IA. The week before the visit finds the town's youngest lawyer, Sam McCain attempting to clear up a murder caused by strychnine-laced Pepsi. Save the Last Dance for Me, by Ed Gorman brings together the GOP, the national press, unpleasant family secrets, a heap of local prejudices, and a a cage full of rattlesnakes.

These will be located on the 'new' bookshelves behind the circulation desk. If your selection is unavailable, please have our staff place a hold on it for you.

DVD Collection

Check-out the recent additions to the Vermillion Public Library's assortment of digital videodiscs, located on the video shelves at the back of the library. The 11th of September, The Trumpet of the Swan, Out of Ireland, Pokemon: Midnight Guardian, Toy Story, Bedazzled, Abbot and Costello, and A Bug's Life are just a sample of the selections available.

On-Line Book Club

Readings for the "Chapter-A-Day" program for the week of July 8 include Buffalo for the Broken Heart, by Dan O'Brien, Flesh Tones, by M.J. Rose, The Dominant Blonde, by Alisa Kwitney, Lady of Arlington, by John Perry, and Selling the Nutcracker, by Iain Lawrence.

To receive more information or to register, visit the library's Web site at, and click on the book club logo.

Summer Reading Program

Join the Winner's Circle on Monday, July 8 at 1:30 p.m. for a special adventure. Musician Tim Duggan will entertain us with musical storytelling. Renew your books, check out new materials, and visit the SRP table located in the Children's Area to turn in your reading goal information.

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