Clem’s book examines election process in S.D.

Clem's book examines election process in S.D. Professor Emeritus Alan Clem of The University of South Dakota recently published a book titled Government by the People? South Dakota Politics in the Last Third of the 20th Century through the Chiesman Foundation for Democracy in Rapid City.

The book is about the interrelationship between the prairie environment and state politics.

"South Dakota is a state where small towns and rural communities are an important part of how elections turn out," Clem said. "That creates a high level of interest and a high level of turnout."

This was Clem's focus in writing Government by the People? which covers South Dakota campaigns and elections since 1967.

Clem earned his Ph.D. from American University in Washington, DC, and worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture before coming to USD in 1960 to teach in the political science department. Although he is officially retired, he still teaches a class one semester each year.

"My first book on South Dakota politics covered elections through 1967, so this one carries it through," said Clem, who has published seven books prior to this one. This is his first book published by the Chiesman Foundation for Democracy, a private nonpartisan organization whose goal is

promoting democratic awareness and participation.

"He has been a very productive scholar," said Dr. William O. Farber, another USD professor emeritus of political science and friend of Clem's. "This looks like a really good source book."

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