Clubs Meckling Livestock 4-H

The Meckling Livestock 4-H Club met June 20 at the 4-H building. Roll call topic was each members favorite part of 4-H camp. Several of our club members went to camp.

New business was a discussion about the fair and we reviewed the fair supplement for our job assignments. For old business we discussed our rollerskating party we had and 4-H camp.

Ashley Ouellette, Secretary

Senior Citizens Center

It rained! Much needed rain arrived to revitalize crops, flowers, lawns, shrubs and trees! We would like to have more.

On Wednesday, July 10, the Senior Citizen's Center had 17 bridge, four pinochle and three pitch players.

Bridge winners were Jim Prosser, high; Ernie Miller, second; Luceal Liffengren, blind bogey; and Leona Kryger, low.

Coffee break servers were Rosalie Hubert, Margaret Bierle, Margaret Melby and Eleanor Ufferdahl.

Men and women are welcome every Wednesday afternoon � no reservations needed � join us.

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. met July 11, at 7 p.m. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved, as was the treasurer's report.

Judy Clark, president of Vermillion Beautiful, Inc., read the letter she sent Mike Carlson outlining budget requests for the next year. We are grateful the city installed a partial sprinkler system. However, funds are still needed to hire someone to hand water the numerous beds where there is no sprinkler system. Also, operating the sprinkler system takes a span of time because of low water pressure. In addition to funds for watering, we are asking the city to purchase enough trash cans for each corner of every intersection on the commercial area of Main Street, and to include funds in their budget for purchase of a pressurized sidewalk cleaner.

Members discussed: (1) removal of the dead trees along West Cherry Street and replacement of those trees this fall; (2) problems involved in upkeep of the beds; and (3) plans for next year's flower plantings incorporating some perennials.

Our "Good Neighbor City Ordinances" brochure will be updated. We hope to distribute 2,000 copies this fall.

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. will hold its annual meeting and election of officers on Aug. 8. If you are interested in helping with projects to make Vermillion a more livable city, please come to the meeting. The group meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Anders Fremstad shared his experiences as a Rotary exchange student two years ago at the noon luncheon meeting of Vermillion Rotarians at the Silver Dollar Tuesday.

Fremstad, a 2002 graduate of Vermillion High School, spent his junior year with three host families at Finsterwalde, Germany.

"When they (the Rotary) send you abroad, you apply in the fall before the year you go," he said. "They give you a pre-departure orientation to help you out with getting used to living in another country for a year."

Fremstad discovered several unique cultural traits in the German community of approximately 30,000. After completing the seventh grade, young people may choose to attend three different education programs. One is designed for students who plan to further their educations at the university level and seek professional careers. The other two are designed for students who plan to seek employment in the non-professional fields.

"Most students are required to take English and second foreign language � either Russian, French or Latin," he said.

Fremstad said his German classmates don't face a more rigorous class schedule than high schoolers in the United States.

"I think German students are pushed about as hard as American students are."

Extra-curricular and sporting events, however, don't exist at the same level in German schools. "In Germany they don't have sports teams through the schools," he said. "They did it privately, and the participants paid for it themselves."

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