Clubs Senior Citizens Center

The summer heat is here and 35 card players � 17 pitch, four pin-ochle, and 14 bridge � came to spend a cool afternoon at the Senior Citizens Center, Wednesday, July 3.

Bridge winners were Shirley Riehle and Marlys Miller tied for first; Lois Erickson, blind bogey; and Adeline Isaacson, low.

Coffee break refreshments were furnished by Lois and Maurice Erickson.

St. Agnes Court #618

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

St. Agnes Court #618, Catholic Daughters of the America met June 25 at St. Agnes Catholic Church for installation of officers and a Mass celebrated by Court Chaplain Rev. Donald Imming.

Rita Kocer, district deputy, Wagner, and the Rev. Imming installed the newly elected officers for 2002-2004 � Regent Theresa Wingen; Vice Regent Laura Zimmerman; Secretary Rhoda Grant; Financial Secretary Maria Heimstra and Treasurer, Janet Chapman.

Following the mass, members gathered at the Silver Dollar for dinner. Honors were given to the "Catholic Mother of the Year," Sarah Brown; and the "Catholic Daughter of the year" was presented to Jane Merrigan.

The National Convention of Catholic Daughters will be held in Houston, TX, July 14-19. Linda Flannery, newly elected state regent, will be the official delegate to the convention.

The past regents of the Catholic Daughters will host an Ice Cream Social Sept. 4, at the St. Agnes School Auditorium from 5 until 7:30 p.m.

Regular meetings will be discontinued for the summer months, and will resume again in September.

Vermillion/Yankton Serra Club

The Vermillion/Yankton Serra Club gathered at Riverside Park in Yankton, June 18, to honor seminarians from the Sioux Falls diocese. The picnic was attended by a number of priests, seminarians, and permanent deacons, along with members of the Vermillion/Yankton Serra Club.

New officers elected for 2002-03 are: President Sally Welter, President-Elect Judy Cantin, VP-Programs (Honorary) Fr. John Fischer and Msgr. Hermann, VP-Programs Deacon Leon Cantin, VP-Membership Jack Doyle, VP-Vocations (Acting) Richard Barta, VP-Communications Kent Anderson, Secretary Mary Anderson, Treasurer Jeanette Zimmerman, Foundation Representative David DeRouchey, Chaplain Fr. John Fischer, and trustees Jay Hennies, Richard Barta and Ken Beringer.

Our next regular meeting will be held on July 22, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Yankton. The meeting will begin with a celebration of Mass at 7 p.m. New members are welcome; if you are interested in joining us or would like more information, please call Sally Welter at 605-665-3995.

The Vermillion/Yankton Serra Club is chartered as a member of the USA Council of Serra International. Our mission is to foster and affirm vocations to the ministerial priesthood and vowed religious life in the United States and through this ministry further our members' common Catholic faith.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Dan Van Peursem called us to order for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Guests today were Marge Hemminger and J.D. Hemminger, one generation to either side of member Doug Hemminger.

We move immediately to the program to accommodate our guest presenter, Nick Vlasman with the South Dakota Highway Patrol, who, I guess, works for a state government that disapproves of its employees lingering over lunch. Anyway, Ringo, Officer Vlasman's sidekick, clearly didn't want to linger over our kind of lunch. Ringo, a trained drug dog, was a bit restless, suspecting, perhaps, that this Rotary crowd needed some checking out. But, per policy, Ringo only does his work where he has been invited to do his work, so we were home free for the time. (Just so you'll know, if the owner of a motel or your school principal asks for Ringo's services, he will be dispatched. Privacy rights are writ larger for owners, etc. How surprising.)

Ringo is a $6,000 dog with a very good and very well-trained sniffer He can sniff out even small amounts of certain drugs, legal and illegal, and when he signals his handler that he has smelled something interesting, there is an excellent chance that this is not a false alarm. Officer Vlasman noted that the approximately 10 such dogs that South Dakota has employed sniffed out over one million dollars worth of stuff last year. (Which sounds like a pretty good return on a $60,000 investment � sure beats the NASDAQ average recently � though reselling the illegal drugs to realize the investment return is presumably not done.)

Ringo, like most of his canine colleagues, comes from Germany and knows a bit of German, since he was originally trained in German. So, Officer Vlasman knows some German, too, though he says that Ringo is sufficiently bilingual to pick up on some English directives. All of the South Dakota dogs know some German, presumably, so the next time you hear a highway patrolman uttering something unintelligible to his dog you'll know that a sensitive nose is a work. If you see the dog moving towards something you'd rather he not identify, you might try saying "Platz!" to the dog � dog German for "lie down" ��to interrupt his journey towards your contraband. But these dogs are pretty close to their handlers and may ignore your command even if you get the pronunciation right. Your best bet is staying odorless.

Nobody noted the irony that Ringo would probably busted his namesake (assuming he got his name from the famous mophead). Hardly seems right, somehow.

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