Janklow awards $2 million to university faculty

Janklow awards $2 million to university faculty Gov. Bill Janklow is awarding $2 million to 120 faculty members at the state's six public universities to develop and integrate new classroom technology.

The grant awards are going to 83 higher education faculty to increase technology in the courses they teach. Another 37 advanced grants were awarded to faculty members who previously received a Teaching with Technology grant so they can continue developing new technology in the higher education classroom.

"This year's grant applications were among the best we've seen," Janklow said. "Faculty members on our state campuses are finding exciting and creative ways to use technology to enhance learning."

Since the inception of the Governor's Faculty Awards in 1998, more than 300 university professors have received about $7.5 million to enhance coursework through technology. The Advanced Faculty Awards for Teaching and Technology were created last year. Both groups of award winners will receive financial support for equipment, software, and training.

Janklow noted that the faculty awards help build on South Dakota's wide-ranging investment in education technology. "We are training elementary and secondary teachers and equipping K-12 schools to be leaders in using technology in the classroom. With our university faculty grants, we also support the instructors of our future K-12 teachers to be innovative in their own use of technology in the classroom," he said.

University faculty typically work on a nine-month contract. Under the Governor's program, faculty submit proposals to spend the summer months developing innovative ways for using technology to improve their normal classroom instruction. The faculty members whose projects are chosen receive a grant that provides support for one to three months' work. Faculty are paid for work during the summer and are released from teaching in the fall.

Robert T. Tad Perry, executive director for the South Dakota Board of Regents, says the governor's awards encourage high-tech innovations in the university classroom.

"Both the initial and advanced Teaching with Technology awards encourage faculty to be innovative in using technology to deliver quality instruction," Dr. Perry said. "The governor's support for these awards has helped us to accelerate deployment of technology applications across the public university system. Out universities now stand among the best in using these technologies."

The winners of awards and advanced awards from USD are:

Cherie Noteboom, Foundations of Computer Analysis; Dennis Navrat, Design I; Donald Peterson, Recreation Facility and Area Design; Douglas Peterson, Fundamentals of Speech; Gary Reeves, Introduction to Electronic Music; David Schieffer, Instructional Design, Assessment and Intervention; Diane Sevening, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Continuum; Jill Tyler, Fundamentals of Speech; Clarice Wagner, Mathematical Methods, X.T. Wang, Principle Learning and Memory, Learning Memory and Cognition; Patrick Wempe, Recreation Facility and Area Design.

James Balakier, British Literature II; Jose Flores, Calculus III; Harry Freeman, Development Through the School Years; Katherine Jorgenson, Caring for Persons Across the Lifespan; Srinivasan Ragothaman, Accounting Systems, Auditing; Frank Schieber, Sensation and Perception.

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