Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor Let's thank city's unsung heroes

To the editor:

If you thought the flowers on Main Street looked great for Crazy Days and the fair, thank Delores and Dwain Jorgensen. If anyone deserves the "Unsung Hero" award, these two dedicated people deserve it. This past week was the second time that this couple, on their own, has weeded all the beds on Main Street and Cherry Street in nearly 100 degree temperatures.

Also in the running for hero recognition is Brenda Martens, a newer member of Vermillion Beautiful. Brenda carried bags of mulch and spread desperately needed mulch on many beds during the same extreme temperatures.

I sincerely hope that everyone will thank these hard working volunteers for their heroic efforts to beautify Vermillion.

Here's another thought. When you see these volunteers working in front of your business or elsewhere, offer them a cold drink � and a helping hand. And when you see a weed � pull it. We have to work together to keep Vermillion beautiful.

Judy Clark, president

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

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