Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor Children's performance was spectacular

To the editor:

Thank you to the Vermillion Community Theatre for a spectacular production.

The 60+ kids sure had a great week and had a lot of fun learning about America. Your volunteers spent a lot of hours getting ready.

"This is my country" and those "flags" will be great memories for all of us.


Glen, Milo and Sally Gilbertson


Thieves should return sign

To the editor:

On the evening of June 26 of this year, thieves stole a large sign of John Thune for Senator from a vacant lot on West Cherry Street. They might have thought by stealing John Thune's sign, it would help Tim Johnson.

It could do more harm than good for Tim. Some people may not want to vote with thieves. It would be better for all concerned if the sign was returned.

Norm Herren


Thune advocate of small business

To the editor:

The race for United States Senate is not just for Vermillion's benefit. The entire state must benefit from the winner of the campaign. While providing support and funding for programs like the Student Loan Program are important, bear in mind that it is commerce that drives the pulse of South Dakota.

The state cannot survive without its agricultural backbone. Had it not been for the efforts of the current administration to pass the new farm bill, many South Dakota farmers would be in dire straits. When the federal lands grazing programs were in the process of renovation, John Thune ensured that ranchers in West River would not be driven out of business by extreme liberal measures. There can be a balance between the environment and commerce. John Thune works hard to strike that balance. As a member of the Small Business Committee in Congress, John Thune has the knowledge and wherewithal to fight for every small business in South Dakota.

That brings us to the point that must be made. Regardless of political viewpoint, one has to agree that the majority of businesses in South Dakota are qualified as small business. Whether you provide a service industry, retail sales, agriculture, manufacturing or consulting within South Dakota, you are a member of what made this nation great, small business.

Local communities cannot survive without the local businesses. John Thune has intimate knowledge of how difficult it can be to provide your services to a small community that is ag-based for its income. This encompasses the brunt of communities in the state. Let's not forget that every community in the state would not have been founded without two things � small business people willing to take a risk and farmers/ranchers who came to the towns from homesteads for support and entertainment.

I firmly believe that within every South Dakotan is the work ethic of our forefathers. We take pride in what we do, work hard to achieve our goals and provide for our families and love our independence. When we pay taxes, we want to see those taxes go for important items such as fair and equitable small business solutions, farm programs that generate success for every farmer and social programs that bring pride back and the ability to be a productive member of society to those who may be lost in the system; such as then Gov. Tommy Thompson's workfare program in the state of Wisconsin.

John Thune is a vocal advocate of Defense Acquisition Reform (DAR). This is a key point when you discuss the expenditures of tax dollars. Ensuring that no more "$1,000 hammers" are purchased is a cornerstone of the DAR.

More importantly, Congressman Thune wants South Dakota small businesses to be able to receive the opportunity to work with the government and pursue sales; developing local economies and providing jobs at the same time. Education and support of the local business owners are instrumental in that process. Without support of the Small Business Administration, many local businesses are unaware that they can participate in the government procurement system.

Jim Larsen


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