Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor To the editor:

Who represents South Dakota?

Liberal out of state environmentalists are on a tirade telling half-truths trying to mislead South Dakota voters about John Thune's voting record regarding the environment. When the facts are researched, anyone can find that Tom Daschle, our senior senator, voted consecutively against the same legislation as John Thune regarding arsenic levels in drinking water. Voting against this legislation saved each farmer and rural water user $327 per year in water costs.

The bill that Sen. Johnson supported would have strained an already struggling rural South Dakota economy. If the bill would not have been a severe detriment to South Dakota's economy, John Thune would have voted for it upon its first hearing. The people of South Dakota need a senator who can decipher between legislation that looks good for South Dakota and legislation that is good for South Dakota.

John Thune investigated the facts on the arsenic level bill and voted in the best interest of South Dakota as a representative of the people of South Dakota. Congressman John Thune and Sen. Tom Daschle both voted against this arsenic level measure. They held off until the legislation possessed the correct wording to assist rural South Dakota with the $327 per year burden, at which time, John Thune and Tom Daschle voted together in favor of the measure,

Let's elect a senator who knows the facts on legislation and how the legislation is going to affect South Dakotans. Furthermore, we need a senator who can work with not only his own party, but also with those on the opposite side of the Senate floor. John Thune is that senator.

I urge you to call Sen. Johnson's office and tell him to keep this political race clean and honest. This race should be about what is right for South Dakotans. There is no room for negative campaigning in South Dakota and Sen. Johnson needs to call off the groups running negative ads on his behalf.

Drake Olson


Corps' master manual must be revised

To the editor:

On behalf of the Great Lakes of South Dakota Association, I voice our opposition to the manner in which the Corps of Engineers manages the Missouri reservoir system in South Dakota.

The impact of the fishing industry on our state's economy is more than $40 million each year. Yet the Corps of Engineers is operating on a Master Control Manual that does not address the importance of recreation in this state. They were asked to update the manual 11 years ago, and have produced nothing yet. South Dakota hosts thousands of anglers � both resident and non-resident each year. Our fisheries are recognized nationally for their quality. And so many South Dakotans make their livelihood on the fishing and boating industry.

The stability of water levels of the Missouri River impacts the quality of our fisheries, as well as access to the river. Favorable water levels also have a huge effect on the survival of forage and sport fish.

The Corps of Engineers must recognize the public interest in fishing and recreation on the Missouri River reservoirs and place a higher priority on water management, which enhances fisheries.

The Great Lakes of South Dakota Association strongly supports a revision of the Corps of Engineers Master Control Manual that places fisheries and recreation on equal status as barge traffic and all the beneficial uses of the Missouri River.


Kathy Zander

Executive director

Great Lakes of South Dakota Association


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