Post #1 team wins Region 3 opener

Post #1 team wins Region 3 opener by Jim Prosser In the first round Region 3B tournament played at Irene on Saturday, July 20, VermillionPost #1 was paired against Dakota Valley Post #391.

The temperature stood at over 100 degrees with a south wind gusting 5-10 mph. None the less, the game was started at near 1 p.m. and play was completed about 3:30 p.m., with Vermillion the victor in what turned out to be a 10-1 rout.

Starting pitcher Drew Lawrence, flashing his usual confidence, had control from the opening batter strike out to the final K at the end. He registered 19 strike outs, walking three batters, allowing one unearned run on two hits, in spite of a half of dozen errors behind him.

Line score: Post #1 � 10 runs, 12 hits, 6 errors, 9 lob; DV Post #391 � 1 run, 2 hits, 3 errors, 9 lob.

The game was tied at 1-1 after three innings, then was 2-1 at the end of four. Vermillion�s top five batters in the line up contributed six of the eight runs in the fifth and seventh innings to pretty much put the game out of reach for Dakota Valley.

Offensive leader was Brett Mockler who went 2-5, two runs, three rbis. He was backed up by Dan Holoch, 2-3, two runs; Jeff Gilbertson , 2-3, one run, two rbis; and Jared Burcham who was 1-4 with two rbis. Lawrence aided his cause going 1-4, scoring twice; B.J. Campbell and Kyle Mollet each scored a run.

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