‘Provide for others ?’ Town Square II creates community for seniors

'Provide for others ?' Town Square II creates community for seniors by David Lias Provide for others what we would hope for ourselves.

That's the motto of Oakleaf Real Estate Management, which recently completed construction of the Town Square II senior apartment community at 507 W. Main in Vermillion.

The new addition to modern housing in the community contains 30 one-bedroom affordable units.

The apartments each feature a living room, a dining room area, a furnished kitchen, a large bathroom, a large walk-in closet and a big bedroom.

"It's designed primarily for seniors," said Chris Herbert, president of Oakleaf Real Estate Management, which manages both Town Square I and Town Square II.

The advantages to living in either of the housing units, Herbert said, extend beyond the modern facilities.

"There's a certain degree of safety," Herbert said. "There are other people around. There are people living nearby who watch out for one another."

Town Square II has taken steps to add to that degree of

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safety. An on-site manager lives at the facility full time. The apartment facility also employs an on-site service coordinator.

"That person helps coordinate doctor appointments, grocery store runs, and helps plan events so that the residents can enjoy their time together," Herbert said.

That sense of togetherness among the residents of both Town Square facilities gets a boost from the new community room shared by the two housing units.

"We try to have a constant flow of different activities," Herbert said. "It helps keep people independent."

Town Square II is the only affordable senior housing unit in Vermillion. Construction began in late 2001, and the facility formally opened last month. "The owners were approached by the Vermillion Development Company and told the results of a housing survey in the city," Herbert said, "which shows a need for affordable housing in the community, so we responded."

The monthly rent for each apartment is $391, including utilities.

"You don't have to have a high scale income to live in a quality home," Herbert said. "We've created an environment that resembles high-end senior housing. We want folks to enjoy their stay and live healthy."

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