Rep. Judy Clark attends cancer institute

Rep. Judy Clark attends cancer institute Rep. Judy Clark was one of the "core members" of a group of Midwest states' leaders invited to "Comprehensive Cancer Control: An Institute for State Leaders" held in Fontana, WI. The Institute brings together state leaders who are health providers, cancer prevention advocates, state health agencies and legislators in order to develop a comprehensive state plan to fight the nation's number two killer.

"I am honored to be one of the two South Dakota legislators invited to be a part of this new approach to cancer prevention and treatment. It's so important to try to prevent and treat cancer and other diseases, with a long term, comprehensive plan that unites all the stakeholders in this fight," said Rep. Clark. "No one organization or agency has the capacity to address all the disease control needs within a state. But when we work together, we eliminate duplication, maximize our resources, learn from other successes, and most of all � save lives."

Sponsors and members of the organization include the Center for Disease Control, the American Cancer Society, American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, National Cancer Institute, Intercultural Cancer Council and Association of Chronic Disease Directors.

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