Small claims

Small claims The following judgements were entered July 2 in the Small Claims Division of the First Judicial Circuit in Clay County. The debtor is listed first, the creditor is listed second.

Anthony Oswald, 809 Rose #34, Vermillion to City of Vermillion, 25 Center Street, Vermillion, $224.57.

Ryan Kenjalo, 400 Carr St. Apt #107, Vermillion to First Dakota National Bank, P.O. Box 156, Yankton, $755.63.

Chris Stucke, 1030 Westend Dr., Vermillion to Todd's Electric Service, P.O. Box 413, Vermillion, $301.19.

Will Pratt, WW PEJ, 809 Rose St. #67, Vermillion to IFS, P.O. Box 474, Vermillion, $1151.46.

Keith L. Jongeward, 1401 Sunrise Dr., Yankton to Corturst Bank, P.O. Box 438, Vermillion, $766.95.

Chris Larry, 602 N. Cottage, Vermillion to Todd's Electric Service, P.O. Box 413, Vermillion, $149.37.

Ed Meng Sr., Ed's Roofing Inc., 30666 446th Ave., Mission Hill to Julie Wagner and Brian Wagner, 201 N. Yale, Vermillion, $2979.28.

Richard W. Boyd, 701 1/2 W. Clark, Vermillion to University of South Dakota c/o Breit Law Offices, 606 E. Tan Tara Circle, Sioux Falls, $1741.40.

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