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Tuesday, July 9

8:30 a.m. � Senior mens' fun league with coffee and rolls during registration.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start (approximate) � play "ready golf."

11:30 a.m. � Lunch served (approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Wednesday, July 10

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, register

8:30 a.m. � Tee off.

11:45 a.m. � Lunch.

12:30 p.m. � Bridge and dominoes.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, July 11

Silver Dollar S.D. Pro-Am Tournament practice rounds.

No Junior golf, no regular men's league, course closed for tournament.

Friday, July 12

Course closed for tournament, all day.

Saturday, July 13

Course closed for tournament, all day.

Sunday, July 14

Course closed for tournament, until completion.

Wednesday Ladies Golf, Bridge and Dominoes

The 21 golfers on June 26 teed off on a warm � leaning toward hot morning ��with no wind. Jo Ann Beringer and Helen Brown organized the players for a game of Blind Bogey. The winners in the 40s were first Karine Amundsen, second Mary Mock; the 50s winners were first Jo Ann Beringer and Mary Lea Hennies, second Rula Hatch; the 60s were first Thelma Raines, second Ardith Baer and in the 70s, first Ardyce Meisenholder, second Karon Benson, third Dodie Eicher.

Joan Willroth and Babe Hurowitz on the lunch committee chose a chicken casserole, salad and rolls prepared by the Cherry Street Grille. Forty seven members and guests enjoyed the lunch and the dessert provided by Kay Heikes and Eileen Turner.

In the absense of our President Pat Berglund, the moderator was June Wagner and June was the lucky winner of the car wash given by Kay Heikes. The winners of the $5 drawings were Lorraine Brunick and Eileen Turner.

The bridge chairman, Gerry Van Bruggen, chose another interesting game � the dealer had her choice of hands. The high score winners were Sue Ann Stuthiet 4320, Marsha Brunning 3870, Robin Eisenmenger 3700, and Meryl Reed 3670. The low score winners were Gerry Van Bruggen 1360, Arlene DeVany 1860, Marlys Jensen 2330 and Doris Mitchell 2370. The dominoes low score winner was Jan Chapman. The high round was Dorothy Dahlman and most rounds won was Jayne Merrigan.

Senior Men's Fun Golf League

A cloud cover was most welcome to 39 seniors who enjoyed the front nine at the Bluffs on Tuesday, July 2. Birdies were hard to find � only five all day � but scores were again very competetive. It is tough when a 39 does not earn a prize.

Our winners matched par of 36 with nine straight pars. The team of Irl Oaks, David Oaks, and Louie Fostvedt were our winners in a tie breaker over another 36 scored by the four man team of Shorty Hanson, Jim Grabowski, Jack Stewart and Ron Turner.

Other winners of 37 were the teams of Mel Marcotte, Ray Lynn, Ardell Hatch and Bill Rasmussen along with Sid Davis, Quentin Oleson and Denny Duin and the team of Ross Johnson, Dick Munkvold and Joe Conroy. Our final winners at 38 were the team of Loren Carlson, Howard Connors and Duncan McGregor.

The table talk marvelled at the distance the 80 year olds were getting off the tees. Good doing oldsters.

See you all next week with coffee and donuts at 8:30 a.m. and golf at 9:30 a.m. We can hope for a good soaking rain between now and next Tuesday.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

This week's report is what, in broadcasting, would be called a "remote" (meaning reporting from afar). A number of golfers had a good night on June 26.

The course yielded four bridies: Sheila Prosser and Lois Hazen on #3, Kris Gregoire on #8, and Nora Remily on #2. Pin prizes were once again awarded by our host team. This week the lucky winners were Deb Heyl for the longest drive on #2, Nora Remily for closest to the pin on #8, and Dena Brady for most putts (she had 5) on #5.

No one landed inside the rope so the money will be carried to the next night of league play. In addition to golf, Brenda Walker celebrated a birthday (won't say which one).

This coming Wednesday, July 3, will be a fun night � no competitive golf (no points). League play will resume on July 10. In addition, we will use the scores from the next two nights of league play (July 10 and 17) for a scorecard matchup to recover the rain-out dates of May 1 and May 8. Scores for July 10 will be used for the rain out on May 1 while scores for July 17 will be used for a score card match for the rain out on May 8.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

June 26, 2002

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. First National Bank 32 35 91.43%

2. Wannabees 31 35 88.57%

3. Lopez Sisters 29.5 35 84.29%

4. Environmental Hazards 26 35 74.29%

5. Tee'd Off 26 35 74.29%

6. The Bluffers 24 35 68.57%

7. Bertha's Babes 20 35 57.14%

8. Mollies Follies 20 35 57.14%

9. Rough Riders 19 35 54.29%

10. PGU 18.5 35 52.86%

11. Lucky Shots 18 35 51.43%

12. Whatever 17 35 48.57%

13. Chix with Stixs 12.5 35 35.71%

14. Golf Bags 11 35 31.43%

15. The Pinnacle's 10.5 35 30.00%

16. Golfin Ladies 10 35 28.57%

17. Wedgies 9 35 25.71%

18. Par-Tee Girls 7.5 35 21.43%

19. The Swingers 7.5 35 21.43%

20. Good Vibrations 2 35 5.71%

Men's League

On June 27 with stiff breezes and temps in the 80s the sixth week of league play (before a two week hiatus) was contested on the back nine at The Bluffs.

Results for the week in the American division had best scores for Hwy 50 Bypass � 19; West Side Inn � 17; and Serious Six � 15. Playing "summer rules" (playing the ball where it lies), has made an effect on the scoring on the tournament ready course.

Low individual scratch score of 37 went to Don Harris which made his net one under par 35. Derrick Brown had a 38, and four players recorded 39s: Ron Johnson (net 30); Dennis Chandler, Steve Ward, and Brian Steele (all three netted even par 36s). There were 11 birdies reported for the day.

The National division had two teams with high point scores: The Subs � 19.5; and Chalkys � 16.5, both of whom maintained their places in the standings.

Several players had scratch scores 40 and under, with a 35 (net 31) for Kevin Brown, Joe Bjorkman � 36 (net 30), Jerry Hanson � 40 (net 30), and Chad Peters � 40 (net 35). Troy Nicks also had a net 33 score. Six birdies were reported, two each for Nicks and Brown.

On Sunday, June 30, Steve Donnelly made his second hole in one when he aced the par 3, 176 yard #17 at The Bluffs. He used a 5 iron to accomplish the feat.

Team standings are listed below:

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