Win over Irene sends Post #1 to third round

Win over Irene sends Post #1 to third round by Jim Prosser In a nine-inning game played July 21 at the Region 3B tournament at Irene, starting pitcher Dan Holoch held the Irene Post #193 team to one run on four hits during the first five innings of the second round competition, before turning the chores over to reliever Brett Mockler.

In a four-day span, the pitchers are restricted in the number of innings they can pitch � so each member of the pitching staff tries to aid the cause and save some innings for future games.

Drew Lawrence went the full game against Dakota Valley, thus saving all the relief innings for the staff, and Mockler pitched four relief innings thus saving some innings for Holoch. It�s a �team thing!�

Irene scored five runs against Mockler on six hits and five walks while registering six Ks to complete the game.

Line score: Vermillion � 13 runs, 10 hits, 0 errors.

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