Abbott ad reveals his prescription drug plan

Abbott ad reveals his prescription drug plan The Jim Abbott for Governor campaign has begun airing a new television ad that reinforces Abbott's commitment to finding prompt relief for South Dakota elderly citizens from the exploding cost of prescription drugs. Meanwhile, his opponent, Mike Rounds, continues to put his faith in the nation's record-profit-reaping drug companies and Washington, DC, to solve the problem.

The ad opens with two rams on a mountainside bashing into each other and locking horns � an appropriate illustration of the long-running, partisan and unsuccessful fight in congress to develop a prescription drug benefit.

"We can do better. For governor � Jim Abbott, the only candidate with a prescription drug plan for South Dakota," the announcer says.

Under Abbott's plan, South Dakota would:

* Partner with neighboring states to build a multistate drug-purchasing cooperative that would negotiate lower prices from the nation's drug companies.

* Provide help for seniors with the highest drug bills.

* Force big drug companies to come clean about their advertising costs. Drug companies spend millions of dollars to force their particular brand of pills down the throats of South Dakota's senior citizens.

"Unlike my opponent, I think something can be done in this state to lower drug prices, particularly for the one-third of our seniors who lack any insurance coverage for prescription drugs," Abbott said Aug. 12 at a public forum in Dell Rapids. "I think our state ought to join the 30 states that have already developed some type of prescription drug assistance program for seniors. We can make less expensive prescription drugs a reality."

Mike Rounds, on the other hand, has no plan to help South Dakota's seniors lower their prescription drug bills. According to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader (July 30), Rounds "has more confidence in the federal government" and the big drug companies to develop a plan.

As the Alliance for Retired Americans, with 1,500 members in South Dakota, recently stated in endorsing Abbott's prescription plan: "South Dakota needs a governor who won't throw up his hands at problems like skyrocketing prescription drug prices � a hands-on governor who is all about finding solutions. When it comes to prescription drugs, that's clearly Jim Abbott."

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