Back to school ­ and back to the arts

Back to school � and back to the arts by Pat Boyd Back to school is all about new pencils, new shoes and fond farewells to summer. For many of us, autumn means football games, school activity passes and new textbooks. We re-set our internal calendars � anyone with children knows that the new year really starts in August � and adjust our alarm clocks to the reality of getting the kids ready for school every morning.

But for most school-aged children in South Dakota, back to school also means getting daily hands-on experience with what we call �the arts.� It may be band practice, art class or a dozen other opportunities schools give to our kids to touch a creative chord.

We believe that art is a fundamental part of every single subject in school. We learn about ancient Greece and revolutionary America as much from the pictures, architecture and stories of those eras as we do from the recitation of historical dates. The form and structure of a triangle is as artistic as the formula for finding its area mathematically. And the grace and agility developed on a basketball court may find its ultimate expression on a stage years later.

As we celebrate the season, with its new pencils, new shoes and crisp new days, let�s also celebrate the excitement of having our kids making art.

For more about the arts in South Dakota, visit www.sdarts. org, a joint Web site of the South Dakota Arts Council and South Dakotans for the Arts.

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