Check It Out At the Vermillion Public Library

Check It Out At the Vermillion Public Library by Anne Marshall Welcome to Clare Crespo's world of delightful culinary creations, where what you see is definitely not what you get. Illustrated with vivid and slyly hilarious photographs, The Secret Life of Food introduces parents and children to 46 unbelievable recipes that turn familiar, easy-to-make dishes into wondrous imitations of plants, animals, common household objects, and even body parts! Crespo's Sushi Cupcakes, served with chopsticks, are really tasty morsels of cake with coconut icing wrapped in green Fruit Roll-Ups.

From the cover of this rare cookbook the reader (or gourmet) can find stylish edible flip-flops, transformed from potatoes and string beans. Try spider web soup, football meatloaf, spaghetti with "eyeballs," hand punch, or a blue jell-o aquarium. Parents will have as much fun as their children making these playful dishes or just looking at the unique photos. This chef's delight can be found on the children's new book table.

New Adult Non-Fiction

The Steven Winter Associates have compiled an excellent reference source for home renovation. The Home Rehab Handbook is packed with the information you need to work more efficiently, avoid costly mistakes make the best choices, reduce waste and maximize profits by doing it right and doing it quickly.

J.R.R. Tolkien had a great knowledge of and love for world mythology, and the symbol of the ring in his works contains a rich and fascinating heritage. Tolkien's Ring, by David Day is a literary detective work about J.R.R. Tolkien's inspiration and sources. This edition is beautifully illustrated by acclaimed artist Alan Lee.

Sourcebooks Publishing introduces The Complete Guide to Unmarried Parent's Rights, written by Jacqueline D. Stanley, attorney at law. This book explains in simple language the responsibilities of being a parent, child custody, child support, court procedures, terminating parental rights, and includes samples of forms you need with summaries of laws from all 50 states.

Discover a whole new way to "unearth" your family history! Your Guide to Cemetery Research, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack can help you determine when and where a person died, locate the exact cemetery in which a person is interred, analyze headstones and markers, conduct cemetery surveys and much more for the novice genealogist or the pro.

The Teacher's Calendar, compiled by Sandy Whitley is a day-by-day directory to holidays, historic events, birthdays and special days, weeks, and months. This must-have source for K-eighth grade teachers, librarians, or parents includes ideas and activities for the upcoming school year, 2002-2003.

"You may be on a quest for pie, but you may find something else entirely. Be prepared." These words were voiced by Pascale Le Draoulec as she began her journey across America. As a food editor, she decided to turn an ordinary move to New York into a culinary quest, and she chose pie as her holy grail. Check out American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Back Roads, if only to read the chapters titled Political Pie and More Political Pie. The reader can think of this journey through our United States as a journey with Charles Kauralt or John Steinbeck, without Charlie.

Foxglove and poppies next to a wooden gate with peeling white paint is the picture of a simple country scene. In Create the Perfect Country Garden, Sunniva Harte explores how this style of garden has evolved over time, from functional plot, to today's haven of peace and tranquility. Browse through this collection of ideas for inspiration and the colorful photography.

A breath of fresh air was blown into the stuffy, overdone interiors of the 1880s Victorian houses when the Arts and Crafts movement swept Europe and the United States. Pick up Craftsman Homes, compiled by Gustav Stickley to view more than 40 plans for building classic Arts and Crafts style cottages, cabins and bungalows.

A new guide for parents and future college students, Winning the Heart of the College Admissions Dean, by Joyce Slayton Mitchell is an expert's advice for getting into the college of your choice. Mitchell's reference explains how to develop a college list, multiple steps to apply, dealing with that all important interview, and wise advice to parents.

With journalistic grace, Elizabeth Mullener over the course of 12 years found witnesses to virtually every major event of World War II, and she found them all in one city, New Orleans. War Stories: Remembering World War II is a testament to tales not yet told about the upheaval of war and its power to scatter people around the globe.

These informational and entertaining books are on display on the new bookshelf located behind the circulation desk. If they are unavailable, please ask a staff person to place a hold on your selection.

"Chapter-A-Day" On-Line Book Club

This coming week's selections include: Getting Life, by Julie Cole Shaw; Claire Marvel, by John Burnham Schwartz; The Perfect Princess, by Elizabeth Thornton; True Valor, by Dee Henderson; and The Jack Welsh Lexicon of Leadership, by Jeffrey A. Krames. Thee teen book club selection is Hole in the Sky, by Pete Hautman. To receive more information or to register, visit the library's Web site at, and click on the book club logo.

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