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Our meeting on April 22 at the 4-H building was called to order by Meagan O'Connor. This year they had 40 less people come to the SESDAC dinner and they still made over $11,000. We talked about Camp Lakodia and how Virginia Delvaux, county Extension agent, is going to talk to us in May about Youth in Action. Meagan O'Connor did a demonstration called Orange Julius and Stacey Joy did a demonstration on lotion making. We made May Day baskets and the meeting was adjourned.

On May 13 our meeting was at the 4-H building. Meagan O'Connor called the meeting to order. Virginia Delvaux, county Extension agent, told us about Youth in Action events. She talked about judging contests, special foods contests, illustrated talks, demonstrations, public speaking and Project Y. She taught us about each one of these and why they were considered a Youth in Action project. Angela Rydell motioned to adjourn the meeting and Michelle Rydell seconded it.

Our June 10 meeting was at the 4-H building. Brittni Stewart called the meeting to order. We talked about upcoming dates and we did three practice judgings (two judgings on photography and one on FCS). Michelle Rydell did a public speaking on "Drinking and Teens." Michelle Rydell motioned to adjourn the meeting and Theresa Ring seconded it.

The club met at the 4-H center in July. We had a quick meeting to find out upcoming fair dates and when our club members would work in the 4-H food stand.

We had our meeting on Aug. 12 at the 4-H center. We were informed that Virginia Delvaux, county Extension agent, is having a couple of help sessions for record books. We are playing bingo at the nursing home on Sept. 14 at 2:30 p.m. We will have a meeting afterwards. Theresa Ring did a demonstration on "Un-baked Cookies." Angela Rydell did a demonstration on "White Chocolate Popcorn." Angela Rydell motioned to adjourn the meeting and Stacey Joy seconded it.

Stacey Joy, reporter

Vermillion Rotary Club

Tuesday's noon meeting of the Vermillion Rotary Club turned out to be a special occasion in many respects. Events at the meeting ranged from presentations of Paul Harris Fellowships, to an address from Shirley Hiller, Marshall, MN, governor of Rotary International District #5610.

The Paul Harris Fellowship awards were presented to Rotarian Jeanette Hubert and to Barbara Yelverton. The award recognizes the two women's contributions of $1,000 each to the Paul Harris Foundation, which works around the world to eradicate polio.

Hiller praised the leadership shown by the officers and board members of the Vermillion Rotary. "Leadership is not about you, but you will benefit greatly from the jobs that you do," she said.

Hiller noted that in the past five years, Rotary International has been losing membership at a rate of about 3 to 5 percent globally.

Last year, under the direction of Rotary International President Richard King, the organization experienced a 7 percent gain in membership worldwide.

"The largest increase in Rotary came after World War II because people were interested to find ways to help their communities," she said. "That may be happening again after Sept. 11."

Membership in District #5610 has grown 4 percent in the last year. That means more people are choosing to become involved in Rotary's mission.

"Being involved means being emotionally engaged in the activities of the local organization," Hiller said.

Guests at Tuesday's meeting were Roy Adams, Amy Haritatos, Lisa Ketchum, Joe Huber, Barbara Yelverton and Tim Shorn.

Sons of Norway

The Lillehammer, Sons of Norway, Lodge 1-633, met Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. The meeting was held at Christ the King Lutheran in Yankton with President Earl Reese presiding. We had 48 members attending.

The meeting opened with the American and Norwegian anthems, and Pledge of Allegiance. We sang Beautiful Savior first in English than in Norwegian Derlig er Jorden. Our roll call of officers was taken and was answered. We have one member, Macbella H. Gullickson, who will be transferring to another lodge.

Our Viking ship took first prize in the Riverboat Parade, a Tusen takk! Sunday, Sept. 1, is Opdalslag Heritage Festival. Our gathering will be at Trondheim Lutheran Church, northwest of Volin. We are proud of our Nordic dancers and our Nordic singers. The local singing group, "The Gospel Four" entertained us with many wonderful songs.

Our next meeting will be on Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Yankton.

Union County Historical Society

Vice-President Marlo Waterbury presided over the July 15 meeting of the Union County Historical Society with 18 people in attendance. The treasurer's and secretary's reports were read and approved. Fern Chicoine reported on new acquisitions: an old 10-cent Coke machine from Lenny Huber, over 300 National Geographic magazines from the Lucien Johnson family, an Army Motor Maintenance Manuel from Eldred Johnson, three plates and two books of savings stamps from Esther Girard, a camel-back trunk and flapper dresses from the 1920s from Doug Larson, pictures of the Main and Fickey families from Emma Ballinger, and Grant's Pass, OR and Walla Walla, WA newspapers and a bull's mask from Roland Rosenbaum.

The plans were finalized for Saturday, Aug. 10 at Adam's Homestead and Nature Preserve. Volunteers from the society will be assisting with the tours of the Homestead, Lamont School, Stavenger Lutheran Church and the Shay-Adams House. Ray Andresen is continuing work on plans for a gun cabinet and will have an estimate ready for the board on Aug. 12.

The computer system for the museum has been ordered and should be arriving soon. A desk and chair will also be purchased with monies from the Siouxland Foundation Grant.

Darold Sea, a deltiologist (one who studies little pictures) of Sioux City presented a program on old postcards. His wife, Alice, and granddaughter also accompanied him. His interest in postcards began 20 years ago as he watched other card collecting enthusiasts bidding on his aunt's estate postcard collection. Today his collection consists of over 150,000 postcards. During the program he shared some very valuable and unique cards. He stated that 90 percent of postcards aren't worth anything. An early 1800 postcard recently sold for $44,000.

The Aug. 19 meeting was held at 6 p.m. in the Heritage Park shelter house to commemorate the passage of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery through this area. Those in attendance brought a sack lunch and beverage. Bev Hinds of Sioux City presented a program on Sgt. Charles Floyd. The public was welcome to join us for this informative and enjoyable evening.

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