Clubs Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. met Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. The minutes of the last meeting were read, corrected, and approved. The treasurer's report was accepted and approved.

Old Business: The group reviewed President Judy Clark's budget request letter to the city. The request outlines the need for funds for hand watering the flower beds, more trash cans on Main Street and for a pressurized sidewalk washer. It will be presented to the City Council on Aug. 19 when they consider the FY 2003 budget. Other old business was a discussion of flower and tree maintenance.

New Business: The following were elected as officers for one year: Judy Clark, president; Donna Schafer, vice-president; Dwain Jorgensen, treasurer; Delores Jorgensen, recording secretary and Cleo Erickson, corresponding secretary.

Judy Clark reported that she had attended a meeting of the city entrances committees. The university is planning a center boulevard on North University Street with an alley of trees and a quartzite sign. The city has plans for the highway overpass to the east of Vermillion. There is more optimism that the work will progress and the aims seem achievable.

Plans are to distribute the "Pick One" flyers at businesses along Main and Cherry streets during the week of Sept. 2-6. These flyers urge citizens to pick up trash, etc. to help keep the city neat and clean.

Sandy Dickenson presented her work on the "Good Neighbor City Ordinances" brochure. We will have 2000 copies printed. Plans are to have them available at the Chamber of Commerce block parties Sept. 26.

Joe Hoffman reported he had taken out the dead trees along West Cherry Street. We will have "Make a Difference Day" on Sept. 28 to plant replacement trees, pull weeds and rake mulch around the existing trees. More plans for additional tree planting will be made at our next meeting. The early date was chosen to give the trees a chance to get established before cold weather.

Gloria Christopherson commented on the removal of the old diner on Center Street and that it would be a good location for a pocket park.

The last item discussed was the kind of plantings to have next year. Red, white and blue petunias are a possibility.

The next meeting will be Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Austin Whittemore House. If you are interested in helping make Vermillion a more livable and beautiful city, please consider joining Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. The group meets the second Thursday of each month.

Vermillion Rotary Club

The Rev. Robert Grossmann, a member of the Vermillion Rotary Club, presented the program at Tuesday's luncheon meeting and announced that Vermillion will be home to new home of higher learning.

The Heidelberg Theological Seminary will open its doors Sept. 9. The graduate school will be housed at Providence Reformed Church, where the seminary's first student and instructors will utilize the facility's classrooms and library.

Faculty of the new seminary consists of Grossmann and Dr. Warren Embree of Lincoln, NE.

One reason that Vermillion was chosen as the site of the new seminary is the scarcity of Presbyterian seminaries in the upper Midwest, Grossman said. Vermillion is an ideal home for the new institution because students will be able to conduct required research at both the city's and USD's libraries.

Graduates of the theological school will receive master of divinity degrees. They will study a curriculum of Biblical studies, systematic theology, philosophy-apologetics and church history.

The seminary also will serve as a vocational-technical institute, Grossmann said. Students will receive instruction in preaching and pastoral studies, counseling, leadership and education, and will be required to be complete an internship practice in these skills.

Guests at Tuesday's meeting were Casey Bruner, fiancee of B.J. Nesselhuf, Darren Peterson and Carol Bye, mother of Jeanette Hubert.

Senior Citizens Center

Wednesday Aug. 14 was a cool comfortable day after all our heat � it was welcome. Thirty-two card players gathered at the Senior Citizens Center, 16 pitch, four pinochle and 12 bridge for the afternoon.

Bridge winners were Shirley Riehle, first, Marilyn Siecke, second, Marlys Miller, blind bogey, and Lovella Matson, low.

Coffee break refreshments were furnished by Erna Frahm, Ella Severson, Nola Tislau, and Garnette Perry.

Men and women are welcome. Join us every Wednesday afternoon. No reservations needed.

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