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The subject of cameras in the courtroom was part of a "Law and the Media" presentation Tuesday noon by Tom Sorenson, associate dean of the USD School of Law, who as a former radio newsperson is perhaps uniquely qualified to discuss this increasingly contentious issue.

Sorenson reminded his audience that South Dakota is the last state to allow cameras in the courtroom, but through a "pilot program" so far including only the South Dakota Supreme Court. A Vermillion audience got a sample of this when the Supreme Court, as it does each year in March, convened one of its sessions at the law school this past spring.

In South Dakota, as in the rest of the country, the issue involves a clash between the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, giving citizens the right to a speedy trial among other guarantees, and the freedom-of-speech-and press First Amendment. More and more dialogue between the two opposing views is happening, which will hopefully pave the way for more resolution of the issue.

Sorenson alerted Rotarians and the wider Vermillion community to an opportunity Sept. 13 at the School of Law that will address "The Future of the Media in South Dakota Trial Courts." A mock trial is scheduled at 1:30 p.m. that day which will involve a "real" judge, The Hon. Arthur Rusch, plus four area attorneys and law students playing roles as witnesses in a realistic court case using State of Iowa rules. Goal for the program will be to continue the dialogue on the growing role of the media in South Dakota Courts.

Rotary guests this week include Roy Adams and the Rev. Ed Nesselhuf.

Senior Citizens Center

On Aug. 7 the Wednesday afternoon group of card players included 21 pitch, four pinochle and 17 bridge at the Senior Citizens Center.

Winners in bridge were Adeline Isaacson, first, Jim Prosser second, Ernie Miller third, Barb Kronaizl blind bogey and Louise Scott low.

Florence Wagner, Louise Eklund and Anna Lawrensen furnished refreshments for coffee break.

Come join us, men and women, every Wednesday, no reservations are needed.

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